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Dragon Men - New race idea. Sun, 04 May 2008 22:47
Dragon Men (aka Dracci)

Warning the Chris pop science is at work again so sorry to those in Spain who can easily disprove that it isn't hot and dry Very Happy )
*** (for scorpions) should stock the same lines too

The Dracci come from the hotest driest parts of the world, including the heartland of Spain and have a distressing look of dragon hood about them (hence their nick name Dragon Men).

Changes from normal human unit behaviour(*):
Missile ranges reduced by one as they only make use of slings and javelins for projectile weapons
No cavalry (partly cause nothing will let them ride them and partly because I can't find minis to represent them) though they do make use of trained large scorpions as the equvilent of Blue cavalry.
Very tough, well extremely tough hide($) they will ignore the first matching helmet rolled against them in each battle.

This is a bit of a toughy as they are stupidly hard to take down but with limited cavalry and missile ranges gut feeling says swap out humans on a 1 for one basis.

(*) Morale, Movement, Support conditions etc
($) They embed valued minerals, metals etc into their skin much as dragons pick up treasure after lying on their horde

As usual your thoughts / comments welcome

grutax the dwarf

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Re:Dragon Men - New race idea. Mon, 05 May 2008 08:16
cool ideas i might need to get some ceasar minis but some do have banners like warhammer fantasy that worries me a bit good one Elboron
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