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Tourney for those on US time? Tue, 27 May 2008 16:43
I was just wondering if there was any interest in a GOF tourney that would be at a suitable time for those of us in North America -- say 9-12PM Eastern time zone.

I would love to participate in a tourney, but I'm unable to play at the times that our friends across the pond need.

Also, I have no idea regarding the logistics of setting up a tourney or scoring.

Is there anybody else interested in such an idea?

Lovely man
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Re:Tourney for those on US time? Wed, 28 May 2008 09:10
Hello Gheintz,

My advice is, to know if some people want to play, make them an offer...
Organise one Tourney yourself!

It is not that big work for 16 or 8 (one table= 4 players)players at the beginning; aspecially, when you create the rules yourself...

You can read here the rules of Softman's tourney, to get inspiration... It's true that he use a special tool.

I wish you succed !

see you Love
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