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  101 Things to do While you Wait for the Next Expansion Fri, 27 June 2008 21:35
I think we're all looking forward to the next expansion. I applaud DoW for their commitment to quality and I don't mind waiting longer for a new product when I know it will be awesome. In the meantime though many of us are left with a lot of free time and energy that we would normally spend drooling over previews and scouring new rules. This list is meant as a light-hearted collection of ideas on how to channel that energy as we eagerly away the next Battlelore expansion. Please add your own - but please keep it positive. Smile



101 Things to do While you Wait for the Next Expansion
1) Finally finish your fan script - Richard Borg vs. The Borg

2) Create Battlelore stats for everything in your house. EVERYTHING. Insist that everyone in your house abide by the rules.
"Oh - sorry Jimmy you can't move to the table and eat your supper this turn. You can eat next turn, but only with a single spork."

3) Figure out every single possible way you can play Battlelore. Be sure to include every variable.
""Ok sooo at last we have all the expansions, call to arms game - 60427 variations - whew."
"uhhh... what about epic with multiple players?"
"Aw crud"

4) Play them all!

5) ... both sides.

6) ... then write the battle reports.

7) Paint all your miniatures - each one to Golden Demon standards.

8- Convert every miniature into a friend or family member. Be sure to get the features to match perfectly and remember to model your least liked family members as grotty goblins and green units and yourself and best friends as Dwarves and Mounted knights.

9) Re-convert everything after your wife/husband/gf/bf sees what their parents/friends/yappy dog/cat ended up as.

10) Set up a hotline for goblins to help them deal with self-esteem issues.

11) Name every soldier and write a copious back-story. Engage your significant other (SO) in lengthy debates about whether Maxamillion and the Fighting Foursome of France should be allowed to ignore the first flag rolled against them in a battle - after all they are battle hardened from their experiences in the battles of La Pompiacita and the winter of No Cheese Thursdays. Act hurt when they express even the slightest amount of disinterest.

12) Design a point-based system for Battlelore using something obscure like fractions, a base 3 number system, or something of your own creation. Assure everyone that it perfectly balanced - argue like it's the second coming but refuse to translate it or answer any questions.

13) Argue against yourself in the forums and convince yourself to abandon points and go back to card-draw deployment.

14) Train a live spider - for that extra level of realism

15) Invoke lore randomly.

16) When your SO is nearby - mutter to yourself about increasing the scale of Battlelore while eyeing the backyard. Call lawn and garden centers and ask if you can get Sod in Hexagons.

17) Invent 2 new colors of green to make goblin units easier to paint.

18) Look at the pictures from the Heroes set ...just ... one... more ... time.

19) Duct tape four boards together for those epic-epic games.

20) Redo #s 3-6.
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Re:101 Things to do While you Wait for the Next Expansion Mon, 30 June 2008 20:24
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