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BL varient ideas Thu, 31 July 2008 20:49
Hello ppl of BL,

I am trying to come up with some interesting BL rule variants. As we all know, most of the scenarios consist of earning VP's by kills or capturing blazons. I thought it would be more interesting to include leaders and destructible strongholds. This would provide new & more interesting ways to reach victory, as simply killing enemy troops seems too straight forward and unavoidable. However, I can't really think of ways to achieve this since the system is really aimed at melee combat. How would the players avoid killing each other and focus on going for leaders/strongholds when enemy units are always in front of your face? Does anyone have tips on creating good house rules for playing CTF or defend the base?

I've tried to come up with balanced ways to encourage players to try and destroy enemy strongholds w/ leader inside or capture the leader and bring to friendly stronghold. But it doesn't seem to work very well as everyone will have plainly killed each other to victory before even stepping foot near the strongholds. My first attempt can be found here: view/?id=3860&returnto=fans

My next attempt will try to incorporate some leader rules from C&C:A and focus a bit more on leaders. For example, by treating the leader more as an individual unit (giving them movement/combat abilities), players may take the leader out of the stronghold more and using them (if they provide advantages) which also allows them to be vulnerable. Basically, adding more risk vs. reward decisions to the game. Here's what I've got so far.

BattleLore w/ Leader & Destructible Stronghold rules

Benefits - Leaders provide (additional) bolding to the unit they are leading. A leader can lead a unit by attaching itself to a unit, this will be represented by adding a blazon to the unit. Leaders may move on their own (unattached) up to 3 hexes and battle with 2d. When leading a unit, the leader follows the unit and is bound by the unit’s movement/combat restrictions + bolding. The bolding is immediately lost if the leader is killed.

Movement - Leaders may move through friendly unit troops but not enemy units.

Dice - To kill a leader, an enemy must be able to roll 2 Sword/Shield symbols, all other symbols are misses (unless modified by lore). This combat roll can be applied to either the leader or unit. i.e. if a green banner rolls 2 S/S symbols when in combat with a unit w/ leader, it may choose to apply those hits to the defending unit or the leader. In the case of a blue unit rolling 2 S/S symbols + 1 blue helmet against a blue unit with a leader. The attacking unit must apply all 3 die to the unit or kill the leader and apply the 1 blue helmet to the defending unit.

Victory Points - Leaders are worth 1 VP if killed on the battlefield, this VP is counted separately from the unit they are leading. This means, that a unit with a leader is worth 2 VP's if both are destroyed and 1 VP if killed on its own.

Destructible Stronghold:

Conditions - When playing with Destructible Stronghold rules, a defending unit cannot defend the Stronghold by being inside the Stronghold.

Victory Points - Since Strongholds are generally guarded and hard to invade, the destruction of the enemy Stronghold will win the game regardless of the amount of VP’s required by the scenario.

Dice - When entering an enemy Stronghold, all movement/battle restrictions apply (i.e. stop and not battle on entering turn, battle/defend w/ 2d). On the next turn, the unit may attempt to destroy the Stronghold. To do so, perform a normal battle roll without battle restrictions (i.e. green units roll 2d, blue units roll 3d, lore modified combat applies). To succeed, a unit must perform 2 GREEN critical hits on the Stronghold (does not have to be consecutive). For example, a green unit rolls 2d, if both are green helmets/bonus strikes, the unit may roll for critical hits (both dice in this case). If on the critical hit only 1 die rolls a green helmet, it has succeeded in doing 1 critical hit and must successfully perform another critical hit on another turn. If both critical hits were successful, then the Stronghold is destroyed on that same turn. This means, the heavier the unit is, the more likely it will be able to destroy the Stronghold.

Wow, long post. Anyway, any thoughts? Are these interesting or bad ideas?


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