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  Trading Question? Tue, 16 December 2008 02:16
Is there any structure to the trading or is the bidding for pieces random, i.e. anyone can bid for it in any order. Will this cause a lot of arguments and ruin the game?
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Re:Trading Question? Tue, 16 December 2008 02:52
The rules are pretty clear on how Phase 2 (Auctions) and Phase 3 (Trading) proceed. They are structured. You can download rules here:

http://static.colosseumgame.com/lang/english/images/co_rules _en.pdf

Look at details for "Phase 2: Acquiring Event Asset Tokens" and "Phase 3: Trading Event Asset Tokens" both on page V.

For example, Phase 2 rules say:

"The starting player for this turn points to the market she wants to bid on and makes an opening bid....

Moving clockwise each player can now make a higher bid. The bidding continues until all but one of the players pass....

New auctions are held, using the same mechanism, until every player has had a chance to initiate a bidding round for that turn..."

Phase 3 has a similar kind of structure as well:

"The starting player begins by making open offers to the rest of the players. The player can buy, sell or exchange components
with any of the other players....

Once the starting player is done trading, the next player (moving clockwise around the table) may initiate any trades that she wants to make. This phase ends when every player has finished trading. Non-active players can only trade with the active player, not among each other...."

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Re:Trading Question? Wed, 31 December 2008 18:15
My family and I played for the first time yesterday (another game on tap for today!). We had a 'open market' where everyone swapped, sold, bought, yelled, cried, etc.

Rather than being the 'hub' of the trading activity, the Initiating Player acted as the auction barker, calling an end to the phase with a "going once, going twice, done!". Fun!
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