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  Ranking system sucks!!! Sun, 04 January 2009 17:23
I can't understand who and how created this sistem, the more I play the more absourd it seem to me! For example, in one day I can win 4-5 games and gain 6-12 points... at the same day I probably loose 1-2 games and I loose same amount ! Where is the proportion! How can it be that winning more than loosing brings my ranking down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be happy to hear other oppinions! If you too have the same problem make noise! It can not continue like that! Something should be done!

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Re:Ranking system sucks!!! Sun, 04 January 2009 17:41
It all depends on the rank of who you play.

You play somebody better than you, then you get more points for winning than you'll lose for losing. If you play somebody worse than you, you'll lose more points for losing than you'll gain for winning.

I looked at your ranking, and you are in the upper half of rankings, so if you play against people with rankings near to your own, your rank can go up and down about the same for a win or loss.
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Re:Ranking system sucks!!! Sun, 04 January 2009 17:44
here is a thorough explanation of how the rankingsystem works:

in short:
The number of won and lost points is the same. This is a very important notion. This way, the sum of the scores remains constant. This prevents a drift toward higher or lower scores, whatever number of players we have.
The number of points at stake is going to depend on the initial scores of both players. We are going to think in terms of probabilities, and use a statistic function called a "Normal Law" function. For example, if the scores are identical (players of same level), each of them has a 50% chance to win. Therefore, there are only 16 points at stake. If their scores are 400 points apart, then there are 29 points at stake

So if you win a 2p game aginst someone with same rating you win 4 points. If you win against some better you gain up to 8 points. If you loose against someone with a lower rating you may loose up to 8 points.

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Re:Ranking system sucks!!! Sun, 04 January 2009 17:46
Yes, if you win a same level player in 2er, you get 4 or lose 4.
If player is about 40 score worse, you can win 3 or lose 5.

You can max. lose 8 score in a 2er game, i think, but at high level you have to beat 8 low ranked players to get even 1 score Shocked

In multis, its about same, that is the reason also to that, when once i was 2nd in multi and lost 1 score Rolling Eyes

Play against players in your own level, or posssibly against better ones, so you wont lose so many points in one game.

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Re:Ranking system sucks!!! Sun, 22 February 2009 09:33
I just enjoy playing and dont worry about rank.

As you play more you will get better and your rank will improve.

Have fun, its not like you get paid more for a higher rank.

Ill bet I have more fun than you, go ahead prove me wrong! Wink

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