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  Colosseum Placement? Sun, 04 January 2009 20:37
My friends and I played our first game last night and I really enjoyed it. We had a few questions that have mostly been answered by the FAQ except for one.

I understand in the official rules that the player clockwise of the Emperor goes first, but how do you determine which player places his colosseum in that location?

Are the 3, 4, 5 player start locations in the margin of page 2 literal enough to dictate where each color goes? If so how do you determine who gets to be each color?

We ended up just rolling a die and letting the each player place their color colosseum on the designated starting spot of their choice - in order of highest to lowest die roll. This worked well enough, but I'm still wondering if there's an official answer to this topic?

Thanks in advance!
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Re:Colosseum Placement? Sun, 04 January 2009 23:40
I've only played this game three times (I love it!), and all three times it has been with new people who haven't played it before. I haven't introduced the "Clockwise of the Emperor" until everyone's placed their Colosseums Very Happy (and I put mine down last to be fair). When I play with the same people again, I think I will end up rolling dice also.
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Re:Colosseum Placement? Thu, 08 January 2009 05:22
We saved some of the punch outs from the colosseum pieces and we draw them at random to distribute the stadiums.
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