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SIT REP Tue, 20 January 2009 02:33
hay guys
i cant seem to get on to the FFG forum
so ill type hear instead
last year i was made homeless
anyway im slowly geting back on my feet
im sleeping in a mates storeroom at the mo
things are looking up Cool
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Re:SIT REP Tue, 20 January 2009 17:32
Here you go Roob:


good to hear things are looking up Smile

EDIT: nevermind about the link - I do not think you are an idiot, though I'm showing that I'm one. Fortunately no one reads these posts here anymore Wink

I'm sure you can find the FFG site, just unable to post there. I think you may have to sign up again, due to the switch to a new software, etc. by FFG.

But do mind about the "good to hear things are looking up" bit Smile

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