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Different Interests Wed, 16 November 2011 05:15
As some of you may know, I grew up overseas (in East Africa) but I'm from the United States. I currently live in Abu Dhabi (in the United Arab Emirates) and teach at an international school. My question is this:

How do different cultural backgrounds influence board games? Is the west (Europe and the United States) the only ones who develope and produce board games? I know there is a big market in Asia, but it seems like they are just re-prints of Western games.

Any thoughts? Cool

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Re:Different Interests Tue, 25 September 2012 09:40
Well, I know from my ed classes that the education system emphasis in Asia is on rote learning and conformity. Very little room is given for artistic expression of any kind, and what little there is is tied to specific formats and formal forms. EG: Haiku.

Meanwhile, western societies encourage young children to draw, create and express themselves artistically. Conformity is not actively encouraged, tho it is passively encouraged.

I suspect this has some effect on the nature of game development in Asia.

On the other hand, Japan has some of the wildest videogame development anywhere - mixing and matching bits and pieces of everyone's mythology.
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