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2012 Tourney Calendar Tue, 27 December 2011 23:35
Hi guys,

Now that we have recurring tournaments and strong organizations, it is time to make it even smoother...

With the help of Qorlas, I therefore designed a calendar on tickipedia, reusing Masimo's 2009 forgotten table.

2012 TTR tourneys calendar

I hope you'll find this table easy-to-read and helpful for the organization of your TTR year. It'll help any of you to realize the length of a tourney and check if you can fulfill your commitments.

1) Sorry for the choice of colours, combination isn't that great Very Happy
2) Qorlas decided to cancel one season of league. From 3, we now have 2, to give SPWC/EMC/SMC their original prestige back.
3) I set dates for Champions League. Stemayf and Onyx : feel free to organize your schedule, but try to have CL done before the start of SPWC.
4) I think 2 QT can be organized and added: one in march, one in june.
5) According to the future Quick Tag tourney success, another one can be organized in June, and hopefully, we may find a new recurring event.
6) Thx also to my indispensable dea1 for her review.

Feel free to post your comments about the calendar in this thread. Any improvement, addition is most welcome.
I'll ask Dow to make it a sticker.

Have a good 2012 TTR year,


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NC 2012 Mon, 01 October 2012 10:24
Quick Overview
ITA dandee
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Re:NC 2012 Fri, 19 October 2012 09:59

you can make a Europe multiplayer tourney ?

There are players interested?

dan Razz
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