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Strategy Tips Tue, 03 January 2012 05:17
Played Mystery Express for the first time this weekend and was a bit overwhelmed with the complexity! Does anyone have any good strategy tips for keeping track of cards and filling out your deduction sheet? (Besides the tip(s) they gave in the instructions.) Very Happy
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Re:Strategy Tips Sun, 29 January 2012 15:03
Not sure if you're still needing an answer or if you figured out a good way to play the game. It's fun, but be ready to feel like you're lost!! Very Happy This is a tough game and if you're playing it right you'll have a hard time getting all the categories figured out in time.

A few tips that my wife and I have figured out during out many games:

1) Figure out a good notation system to show yourself who has a card, who you've shown a card to, and where a card went after you gave it up. We use something like the first initial of everyone's name, an "E" for when everyone has seen a card, and arrows to show who got a card.

2) For the Time clues, focus on eliminating certain times that you've seen each time you get to view the Time Cards. Maybe focus on one 'type' of time each showing.

3) Try to show people the same cards each time, if you can. This can help confuse (and frustrate) your opponents and it makes them have to work hard to see those cards you keep hidden!

4) Don't forget to use your special ability each turn! Many times the new players we introduce to the game forget they can look at cards and we have to remind them (since we're good sports)! Very Happy

I'm sure there are other useful tips, so if you have any suggestions just add them in for the rest of us to learn from! Cool
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