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Strategy for 3 vs. 1: Laggards vs. Leader Tue, 10 January 2012 17:44
What is 3 v 1?
When three losing players must rally against a clear leader in the game. The object of this scenario is to prevent or minimize the leader's chance to play his weak cards. Losing players must be highly cooperative for this strategy to work. Keeping control among the three losing players will ensure the leader will be left with more, if not, the most cards at the end of each round.

Be Aware of the Direction of Play in Each Round
Most players adopt a "weak to strong hand" style of play. Therefore, starting hands are usually weak hands, so make sure the leader is fourth at the start of each round. Ideally, rounds should start adjacently and directed away from the leader, forcing her to play against a stronger, rather than weaker hand. Losing players should defer winning the round to either of the players adjacent to the leader, so that subsequent hands start in the way described herein.

Play a Strong or Small Hand, Against the Leader
This is especially effective when the leader is second to play at the start of the round. If you don't have a strong 5 card hand, start the round with a small hand, like a single or pair. This minimizes how many cards the leader can play. Take note that often the leader will force his GOF early in order to take control of the game.

Losing Player Should Not Pass
If you are nearest to losing the game, passing is prohibitive in this strategy. Remember, there are two other players helping you stay in the game. The goal of the laggard is to get down to 7 or less cards in the round.

7 or Less Cards to the Laggard, 7 or More Cards to the Leader
Laggards can use this number as a guiding rule to playing or passing. This is the ideal configuration at the end of each round.

Know When to Take Control and When to Give it Up
This is not easy to do but hopefully your intuition will tell you know when to take control and when to pass it on to another player.

Play your Cards
This is self-explanatory, but cooperation means you must play your cards as often as you can. Your fellow laggards are not mind readers, but they can count what cards have played, so do your best to play your cards.

If done properly, this strategy is needed only for a couple of rounds if that, or until all of players are more or less on even playing ground. One player might first announce a "3v1" on chat before commencing.

Hopefully this posts translates well in other languages. Thanks!
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