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January 2012
Moving the nobles Wed, 18 January 2012 23:20
Hello, I have a question about moving the nobles.


If i have no Emperors lodge. I need to throw 1 dice. The question is then witch noble i need to move. Does it start with the emperor or can i choose any noble.

Do i need to roll the dice for each noble to move ? I mean if everybody is moving the emperor the other nobles will always stay at there places.
Or do i need to roll the dice starting with the emperor to move. And then roll again and move the 2nd, etc ?

Can someone explain to me how to move the nobles. The chapter in the manual of the game is not telling me what to do.
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October 2003
Re:Moving the nobles Tue, 24 April 2012 20:31

It's as you have guessed :

1- Any noble

2- If they stay because no one moves them, so be it. You can chose whichever noble to move.

To summarize, to move the noble you need to :

- roll a die (two dice if you've built the right building)
- choose any noble and move it clockwise by the number on the die, ie 1/2/3 (your choice), 4, 5, or 6 (with two dice, you either combine the results for a single extra long noble move, or apply each die to a different noble)
- play medals to move any noble (up to 3 clockwise or counterclockwise for each medal)
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