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December 2012
How does a battle happen? Mon, 10 December 2012 01:26
I can't find anything in the rules: what determines who wins a battle?
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September 2012
Re:How does a battle happen? Mon, 10 December 2012 07:00
Conquering a region costs a base value of 2 chips (for an normal region) or 3 (for a mountain region) plus an extra one for every enemy unit already there. If the attacker has enough units to conquer that region, then he successfully "wins" that battle. It's not like Risk where you both have to roll dice or something.

You have three units defending a forest region that is adjacent to a region I control. On my turn I can attack you if I spend five units (2 base + 3 for your units). If you had three units on a mountain region it would cost me six.

If you lose a battle, you lose one unit back into the box and get the rest back in your hand and can redeploy them at the end of the current player's turn (in the above examples you would get two of your three conquered units back).

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