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EuroLeague Season 2 Divisions Fri, 28 June 2013 11:14
Hi all,

these are the divisions for season 2. If I forgot or misplaced someone please tell me immediately. Divisions have been pretty hard to form, so there can be mistakes!

To keep the equilibrium in divisions: number of players relegations will be 2 for divisions of 8 or less players, 3 if the players are 9 or more. In this season there are no divisions with more than 8 players.
Divisions with 6 players will have only 1 relegation.
Promotions and relegations will be only of 1 division. No 2 divisions jumps.

To contact the players: please pay attention to the names of the players!!! They can have differences due to Champions League or Nation Cup.

DEADLINE: September 8th

Tycoons(Division A)


Engineers (Division B)

*B6-onyx puffin

Conductors (Division C)

* 335d Touring 3704
*Lexx 3620
*Cromze 3586

Brakemen (Division D)

*Stormwarrior 3531
*Morientes ZL 3520
*Julichka 3452
*Falkone ZL 3332
*AGT -DN 3287
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