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Fred the Obscure
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April 2006
Breakthrough Deck and On the Move Sun, 11 August 2013 14:28
Greetings All,

Played a SFTF on Friday - Dyhernfurth Ride - Chemical factory in Brzeg Dolny, and had lot of fun.

Anyway the scenario includes a rail track, complete with steam train and wagon.

At one point I "ordered" a unit to board the train, and then used the "on the move" order to then move then train and transport said boarded unit down the track. My opponent looked at me some what askew, yet agreed this could be done.

We are always very clear with our "on the move" moves, so ensure they are moves only. i.e the boarding unit could not use an "on the move" to board the train - it has to be a full "order", likewise, to disembark it has to receive a "full" order, not an "on the move".

Was I pushing it a bit here, or were my moves legitimate?

There is no indication anywhere as to what seequence "full" orders and "on the move" orders need to be played. So we mix and match the sequence as needed at the time.

Comments welcomed,

Fred the Obscure,
Durban, South Africa.

Achtung Panzer
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Re:Breakthrough Deck and On the Move Sun, 11 August 2013 15:24
Can a unit move twice in one turn - even as a piggy-back on the train?

Just asking.
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Re:Breakthrough Deck and On the Move Sun, 11 August 2013 16:43
There's a precedent for this with aircraft carriers and planes. You can't move a carrier and then have a plane take off from it.

So, no, you can't have an infantry board a train and then have the train carry it down the track. (Boarding the train must be a scenario-specific rule. Normally, a Supply Train arrives at the station and disgorges units.)
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