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Add confirmation dialog to Done button Thu, 19 September 2013 01:54
Not sure if the issue is that I have fat fingers or that I own an iPad mini, or both, but twice today my finger slipped trying to pick up my troops for deployment and I clicked on the Done button, completely obliterating my turn. Would be nice if the app would at least ask if you want to do something stupid like not conquer spaces even though you still have troops and might, for instance, try to roll the reinforcement dice still... or even worse, you haven't even played one guy to the board.

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Re:Add confirmation dialog to Done button Thu, 19 September 2013 06:01

At a minimum they need a confirmation for ending your turn.

Even better would be the ability to undo virtually any action, kind of like if you are laying out your pieces tentatively in real life to see how far they'll go.
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Re:Add confirmation dialog to Done button Fri, 20 September 2013 08:09
Agreed. Yesterday I (probably) lost a game because on two consecutive turns my finger slipped and I accidentally attacked the wrong regions. Undo button and Done confirmation would be great features.
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Re:Add confirmation dialog to Done button Thu, 26 September 2013 09:49
I've had the same problem in 3-player games. IMO it's where they put the Done button on the screen in relation to where your stack of tokens is. If they just relocated the button to somewhere less central to the play area of the screen, I think we'd be fine.
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