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Any word on impending changes, fixes, updates etc? Wed, 02 October 2013 06:40
So, I love Small World, I also love Small World 2 for my ipad mini that I bought just so I could play before it comes out on Steam.

But I also see it as something that can be drastically improved. I have read many comments in the forums about things players would like to see improved and posted things I would like to see improved as well.

Can we have perhaps a list of changes, bug fixes, etc. that are being considered or planned for future implementation? Or if such a list already exists can someone please point me to it.

I ask because it would go a long way for me (and I assume for others) to know that change x, y or z is coming and that I can just wait patiently for the change.

Or if I (and others) oppose the plans (or don't see a change we would like to see upcoming) I want a chance to let DoW know ASAP when things are still easier to change.

If it's open for specific questions I've been compiling a list of suggestions I've seen folks talk about and it would be really great to know what is/isn't being considered.
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Re:Any word on impending changes, fixes, updates etc? Wed, 02 October 2013 19:52

We read these forums and keep tracks of bugs (which we then double-check, as some turn out not to be what people think they might be) as well as feature suggestions and improvements.

As I think I may have posted on another recent thread, this being said, our absolute top priority right now is to deliver the Steam and Android versions of the game we promised to our backers during the campaign.

This means that improvements, further tweaks and additional features will (for the most part) occur only AFTER we've delivered the Steam and Android versions.

We'd love to see the compilation of suggestions you are talking about: Having them all sorted, and edited in a single thread is always a great resource (not just for us, but also for other backers).

If you wish to do this, create a new thread with an appropriate title (i.e. Compilation of Feature Requests for Future Versions of Small World 2) and I will make sure to make this thread sticky.

As said above, for now however, all our resources are focused on delivering an identical (except for platform-specific features such as IAP, notifications, etc.) version of Small World 2 on Android and Steam as soon as possible.

But it is never too early to start the discussion on how we could improve the game after those versions are released. Cool

Last not least, to help you patient until we have more time to code new features, here are two that are at the very top of our list of features we'd like to implement _once_ the Android and Steam versions are delivered:

- Chat on the final score screen (we all hate not being able to congratulate or taunt our opponents once a game is over Very Happy );

- And fixing the issue of quitters in Quick Play (primarily by implementing a bot stepping-in mechanism similar to what exists in Ticket to Ride) to discourage and remedy to this behavior; and countless other improvements others (and ourselves).

There are a ton of other suggestions we are keeping track off, some of which we really want to do too. Once ready we will discuss what these are and try to share some concepts ahead of actual implementation.


Posts: 36
December 2010
Re:Any word on impending changes, fixes, updates etc? Thu, 03 October 2013 04:56
Thank you for the reply Eric, that's very helpful to hear. Knowing that getting Steam/Android up and and running is priority one makes sense. I'll get on compiling that list for a unified forum post in the near future.
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