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November 2013
SWU Tomb power - How to use Sun, 24 November 2013 22:40
We are playing SWU since a few weeks now, great game.
I need some help with using the Tomb special power. I'm not quite sure if I translated (and understand) this power correclty:

Basically, you play the tomb tokens, when In Decline, as if they where active?

When going In Decline, the tomb tokens which are currenty active on the map are ALL going In Decline? Instead of leaving only 1 token left as other races should normally do?

So then the In Decline tomb regions will be harder to conquer?

Regions with In Decline tomb tokens which are conquered will still loose 1 token and the left over tokens can be placed back on any owned region on the map.

Is this how this special power should be played?

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August 2012
Re:SWU Tomb power - How to use Sun, 24 November 2013 23:20
As far as i understand it, the way you described it they sounded like ghouls. Whilst all tokens remain on the board and can be redeployed if more than 1 is lost from attack, the race itself annoy attack, just keep more tokens in decline.
Is this clear?
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May 2013
Re:SWU Tomb power - How to use Sun, 24 November 2013 23:34
Tomb is a watered down version of ghouls. You keep all the tokens you had when you declined the race, redeploying on your decline turn. After that you are only allowed to redeploy if you are attacked, and only to redeploy the leftover tokens from a conquest as if the tomb race was an active race.

Tomb does NOT let your in decline race conquer like ghouls, and you can't choose to redeploy the tomb race any way you like on following turns.

[Updated on: Sun, 24 November 2013 23:35]

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November 2013
Re:SWU Tomb power - How to use Mon, 25 November 2013 07:46
Oke, thanks for the answers. This make sense.

Basically, the strength of this power is that your In Decline Tomb race has a better region defense and will be harder to conquer because they will revive.
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