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December 2013
New race sugestion Tue, 10 December 2013 17:32

I think a great new race would be:

The Jesters/The Bards (5/15)

You may enter anywhere in the map. As long as you don't attack any active race all the adjacent races must pay you Gold Pieces according to a die roll.
If they attack you, roll the die at the end of active players turn. Gain that number of tokens from the tray.

And the power could be

Offspring (4)

At the end of your turn roll a die. gain the value in Gold Pieces or race tokens


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August 2012
Re:New race sugestion Tue, 10 December 2013 17:58
Nice, think the bards sound quite cool but might work better if used as for each region adjacent role, but that's just my opinion. Not so sure about offspring. Not many races have enough spare tokens.
Next time remember to post on the fan suggestions races page Very Happy
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December 2013
Re:New race sugestion Wed, 11 December 2013 13:21
Hello, I believe it would work even better the way you suggested!

Thank you. For the power you would have always the possibility of gathering GPs.

Next time i'll post on the thread about new races and powers. Sorry for that Wink
Didn't know that had just to reply!

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