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Battles review is insufficiency !! Sat, 06 June 2015 15:06
What is the point of review battles, if only two or three stars are possible??
There is no one star reviews at all ??

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Re:Battles review is insufficiency !! Sun, 07 June 2015 08:55
You can reward one star for a scenario, but the review score is an average for all reviews.

I guess too many people give out two and three star reviews for there to be one star reviews in the tables.
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Re:Battles review is insufficiency !! Sun, 07 June 2015 10:02
My online scenario The battle of la Roche has 51 Ratings so far.
33 have 3 stars.
16 have 2 stars.
2 have 1 star.
On average it scores 2,6.
It has only 6 AAR after action reports.

Playing for some time now i think the following.

People that know you, tend to give you maybe 3 stars easyer then people you never played, although i see names of people i never played amongst those 3 stars.

People that lose big maybe tend to give a 1 star because they blame the scenario lol.

I never made action reports here or on vassal, i know lots that do so and even write them very detailed.

Conclusion it would be great to know why someone gives you 1 star and others just feel its 2 or 3 stars.
I guess we all have are favourites and sometimes people don't like one sided scenario's.

Personally i like to play many diffrent ones and as long as you can play both sides, i even like one sided scenario's.

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