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D-Day landings question Sat, 20 June 2015 20:44
Probably a question that will leave me saying "Doh!" when someone answers it, but as I can't find much description in the D-Day expansion manual (at least the one I looked in - maybe I looked in the wrong one?):

On the VASSAL module for D-Day landings (and I assume on the actual maps, though I haven't pulled them all out to verify yet), there are several hexes marked with an infantry figure with a small parachute. I know those are paratrooper units, but are they units that "start" on the board, or do they require me to do a drop first (and is it one figure dropped per hex with a paratrooper on it)? I sort of assumed it was the latter (and 1 figure per hex dropped), but just trying to verify that assumption.
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Re:D-Day landings question Sat, 20 June 2015 23:37
The units are just placed on the hex and played as SPECIAL FORCES.
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