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Trip to Paris/Normandy Sat, 04 July 2015 02:30
Hey French Gamers,
starting to plan a trip to Paris/Normandy , my father was in 29th Div on Omaha Beach D-Day, always wanted to go there and walk the beach.
Will probably arrive August 18 and leave August 23/24. Wanted to know if anyone would like to get together for meet up, perhaps face to face game, + some good food.
Je voudrais aller a Normandie. Any thoughts on some good tour groups to Normandy or of Paris?
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Re:Trip to Paris/Normandy Sat, 04 July 2015 14:07
Hey docsteve,

It's a pity, I am working on the days you will be in Normandy otherwise I would show you some places in memory of the 29th ID.

Anyway, you should go on Omaha Beach from Vierville sur Mer to Sainte Honorine des Pertes. All the beach is Omaha Beach.

You should see the US cemetery of Colleville sur Mer (Remember "Saving private Ryan").

You should go to Saint-Lo to see the church of Sainte-Croix (Major Howie).

If you had time, you can go to Pointe du Hoc, for the famous battle of 2nd battalion of Rangers.

And if time again, to Arromanches les Bains to visit the old museum of the Mulberry (the British one, the American one was face to Vierville sur Mer and was destroyed during the storm in mid-june 1944, only one piece of the mulberry is remaining on the beach of Vierville, you could see easily).

If you need more informations and details where you can go, please ask me. It will be a pleasure for me to help you.

Regards, Smile
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