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September 2015
Game crashing... a lot. Wed, 23 September 2015 04:34
Huge Days of Wonder fan. I recently got Smallworld 2. Everything is great except it crashes. A lot. At least once a game if not two or three times. It probably has a 60% chance of crashing during any final scoring. I mainly play solo. I really want this app to be good so I can give a goood recommendation to my friends.

I have reported the issue and sent many, many, many crash reports but have yet to hear back from DOW. That's ok-I love those guys and realize they have a lot on their plate. But I thought I would check here and see if anybody has had similar issues and found a fix. Running with wifi off, installing game on sd, that sort of thing. I am playing it on an Android GIII.
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September 2007
Re:Game crashing... a lot. Thu, 12 November 2015 12:18
I agree. Same here, love DoW and the games you guys design. But small world 2 is far too buggy to be good to play. It crashes so many times that its more the bots game then your own. And in a game where every turn is just as important for the outcome thats no fun.

At first I thought it was my android that caused the problem, but got it on steam too, same thing.

Hope it gets fixed, because I was looking forward to playing it online!

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Re:Game crashing... a lot. Wed, 30 December 2015 20:08
No crashes on iOS at all.
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