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Ticket To Ride: Germany - New Train Colors? Mon, 21 August 2017 21:08
While looking at the online instructions PDF for the upcoming Ticket To Ride: Germany, I noticed the following in the list of components:

"Colored Train Cars (45 each in White, Red, Purple, Yellow and Black, plus some extra replacement cars in each color)"

The drawings/pictures also showed purple trains. I have no problem with purple (although I can't say I ever liked white as a player color), I just found it very strange that the colors would get changed, especially in a standalone edition (since some expansions like Asia use extra trains that need the colors to match). I can, of course, just use the pieces from my base game (although not everyone has that), but did anybody else notice this or find it strange? Was there a reason for this (are purple & white more "German" than blue & green)?
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