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November 2017
Ticket to Ride Great Lakes Sun, 19 November 2017 22:19
Some questions about the rules...for Great Lakes version

and apologies for cross postings.

My husband and I played the game for the first time this morning. We had some questions that hopefully someone could answer.

1. We divided the wild cards and put seven in each travel card deck. Is this correct? ( seemed logical)

2. During a game turn if a player draws one card from the train travel card deck may s/he draw the second travel card from the ship deck? (we did, but...)

3. If a harbor is at the end of a route (like New York) and a player has not established a harbor there, are 4 points deducted at the end of the game? (...we deducted the 4 points, but the scoring with regard to harbors seemed unfair...given each player only received three...perhaps we whine too much. )

4. If each player must keep 3 tickets at the beginning of the game and can discard all but one ticket on subsequent turns, then the minimum number of tickets a player may have is 4, correct? (...we completely screwed this up).
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February 2017
Re:Ticket to Ride Great Lakes Mon, 27 November 2017 02:08

Been a while since I have played Rails & Sails, but I'll give my best shot at answering:

1. All of the wild cards are Train cards. They should only be in the train deck.

2. A player can draw two train cards, or two ship cards, or one train card and one ship card, or two mystery cards. You decide the combination. The only time you are limited to one card is if you take a wild card that is showing in available cards to be drawn.

3. You lose 4 points for every harbor NOT built. It's best to build your harbors at your destinations because you keep the 4 points for building the harbor PLUS it gives you additional bonus points for having a harbor at the destination.

If you built your harbors at ports that AREN'T your destinations, you keep the 12 points for building the harbors, but you don't get any bonus points for having harbors at the destinations.

4. Pretty much. You start with a minimum of three tickets. Every time you draw three new tickets, you MUST keep at least one ticket. If you NEVER draw any new tickets, then you could play the whole game with only three tickets. But if you draw a new set of tickets, and have to keep at least one, then at that point you are playing with a minimum of four tickets.

Hope this helps!
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