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Roll back please Sat, 22 December 2018 06:25
What a disaster! Everything takes longer than it needs to. The pop up messages are annoying. My Samsung phone has different screen dimensions than what you created and I cant even see or play the colored train cars that are in my "hand." Can I get a refund??
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Re:Roll back please Fri, 11 January 2019 03:02

Now that the Germany map is completely broken, having the France map available isn’t enough reason to keep the new version out there. Please revert until it’s sorted out, even if that’s a very long time from now.

Just revert.
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Re:Roll back please Sat, 12 January 2019 23:19
Please make sure you upgrade to 2.5.14, it should go a long way in resolving the problems (although not all of them yet).

We are working hard on them, we are sorry about all this. See the other thread for more details:


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