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December 2004
Two player variant for SOC? Tue, 20 September 2005 06:26
Hi all,
My husband and I played a two player game, with the variant that you do one forces of evil action, then each player did his/her heroic action. Obviously no traitor.

No good for us. We won 12-0 in about 30 minutes. We played with Sir Galahad and Sir Palamedes, and we headed for the high value quests first (Grail and Excalibur). We also conferred which evil action to take each round - and often, if we were doing well with life points, we just took a hit on life points, instead of drawing cards or placing siege engines.

This was our second game - our first was a 4-player in which the forces of good lost MISERABLY. So it swung from being really, really hard (and awesomely cool), to being too easy.

I'd be curious to see what others have tried for a two-player variant.

Cathy Weeks
Luke the Flaming
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Re:Two player variant for SOC? Tue, 20 September 2005 12:55
Some ideas: d&threadid=64839

Have fun! Smile
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