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Siege Engines House Rule - Defend the Walls! Sun, 16 October 2005 02:02
Here's a house rule which affords newer players a better chance of competing with evil and adds a bit of excitement and new choices.

If a siege engine enters the field of Camelot (even during progress of evil) when it is defended by at least one Knight it must roll an 8-sided die to succeed in being placed to threaten the walls.

Prior to the roll, each Knight on the field of Camelot may (but does not have to) play one fight card (max) face down.

The siege engine succeeds on a roll exceeding the total of the number of knights on the field and their chosen fight card values. The fight cards are then discarded.

If there are two siege engines trying to enter the field, the procedure is repeated, and each knight on the field may choose to play another fight card.

This house rule will often prevent placements of siege engines and incentivise the presence of more than one knight "defending Camelot".

Of course, it doesn't help that self same Knights are not questing while they defend and it uses up precious fight cards too..........
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Re:Siege Engines House Rule - Defend the Walls! Tue, 25 October 2005 20:26
look good, i will test it
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