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On Etiquette and Behavior - Please read Fri, 04 November 2005 17:05

To put it mildly, I am (and I am speaking for all of us at DoW, in this case) beginning to get sick and tired of the behavior a few of people (unfortunately several of which are participating in the Nations Cup, it turns out) have been increasingly exhibiting, both on these forums, and during Online Play.

We have had to issue far more warnings via PM than any of us cared for recently, to little effect so far. It is not only a waste of our time, which would be better spent developing the products and games further; it also negatively impacts the community as a whole (community and game which hopefully were the primary motivation for you coming here in the first place).

So let me make it clear one final time: We will not tolerate any further trash talk or discourse that degenerates, regardless of the reasons behind it (historical or otherwise). If English is not your native language, think before hastily typing words that could be misinterpreted or that are outright rude or offensive. If English is your primary language, then you have even less excuses. What some of you find entertaining is too often distateful and unappropriate at best. Evil or Very Mad

The forums are there primarily to act as venue for technical support, customer service, and _friendly_, _courteous_ interactions between members of the community.

When you are about to post something, you should be mindful of this. If you have any doubt as to whether something you're about to say or post is friendly or appropriate, then don't post nor say it. If you can't understand the meaning of the word "courteous", then stop using these forums and games altogether. The fact that you deem something you post to be "entertaining", "funny" or "in the heat of the moment" is no excuse.

It is not our desire to start acting as a thought police. As a result, we need _all_ of you in the community to step up to the plate and start acting more responsibly. I do mean this; and I do not want to engage in further endless discussions with the number of you that might still feel the need to argue about what is appropriate or not.

In other words, for those of you that need to, either grow up or move onto other pastures. You should find plenty of other places on the Internet to accomodate you.

There will be no further warning on our part. Please do not force us to take more drastic steps (revoking posting rights, terminating accounts, putting an end to what should be _friendly_ tournaments, etc...).

Thank you for your understanding and support of what we designed to be and intend to keep as a family and kids friendly, not to mention courteous, community.

Eric Hautemont
CEO - Days of Wonder

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