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Using Scribe to delay a Priest Offering Thu, 15 June 2006 22:22
On my turn, if I visit the Quarry, roll the dice and trigger a Great Priest Offering, can I immediately play a Scribe to turn one of the dice back to blank, thus delaying the Offering?

I realize I can't do this on another player's turn, because I can only play character cards on my turn.

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Re:Using Scribe to delay a Priest Offering Fri, 23 June 2006 00:49
No, the effect of the dice rolled would apply first, before you had a chance to play the scribe. However what you could do, to minimize but not completely eliminate the risk of an offering coming up, is choose to play the Scribe immediately BEFORE you roll the dice, to remove one dice already on the altar.

While you could still get unlucky have all dice you roll come up with an Ankh face up, the risk of that happening would be that much lower (only 16.66% of the risk you would run otherwise).

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