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Refilling the market Tue, 05 September 2006 01:17
I haven't played yet, so I may be missing something here, but how exactly do you restock the market once you've picked up cards from a stall?

Can you put the new cards anywhere you like? (eg two cards on one stall, one on another, none on the third)

Can you look at all the cards, or just the ones that drawn are face up?

Thanks for the clarification.
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Re:Refilling the market Tue, 05 September 2006 04:01
* Rule 2 on visiting the Market states that when you replenish the stalls, you draw the top 3 cards.
* They must remain in the same orientation as you draw them (so if they were face down they stay face down, if face, then face up).
* You may place them in any order that you desire.
* Rule 3 states that a card must be played on each stall. So you could not stack 2 of them on 1 stall and leave 1 empty as asked.
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