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A simple variant Wed, 18 October 2006 20:51
Due to not having read the rules carefully, I discovered the added fun and tension of simply shuffling the merchants in the deck, rather than cutting them into the various parts of the stack.

But, to make the game more stable in length, one should add a fourth sale as the "last card" in the draw deck

So: concisely...:

Mad Merchants Variant
  • Do not sort the merchants out; shuffle the whole deck.
  • Treat drawing from the empty deck as a merchant.
  • Play to fourth sale.

I've played this a number of times; it's a bit different in strategy subtleties, but by having sale #4, one always knows the final sale's time frame.

Alternatively, one could shuffle a blank into the bottom 5 cards... just to maintain some paranoia.

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Re:A simple variant Thu, 19 October 2006 01:43
Like the variant - similar to 4 evenly-spaced card version we've played to increase # of sales that seems to change the game in a positive way (sometimes too much jewel acquisition occurs - more strategy with fewer jewels at times raises the use-of-card interest). Sometimes we find the best variants by skipping the rules, so good luck in exploring the next game you buy lol ;>

On a related note, since writing several kidding "expansion sets" (see previous posts on "Silly QN Cards of Questionable Play Value" if you'd like...), I will say that a very viable card to include is "Smoke" (played to obscure the Confessor) that limits some of the strategic power of peeking before sales. Use 2 generic cards for Smoke and play it a few times - does change the game somewhat.

Two others to revisit and for fun / comment / etc. are "The Pope" and "The Prince" but I'll leave comments on those for the original thread lol.

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