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PC Game - calling DOW Wed, 08 November 2006 09:33
Hi. A couple of queries, maybe for DOW, but definitely to anybody who has the PC version.

Is it worth purchasing the PC game? I understand about the Switzerland map addition, and after reading Brice's post, about the 1910 variant inclusion that will be in the latest upgrade, but am I missing out on anything else, apart from cosmetic appearances?

If the answer to the above question is yes, would DOW consider offering UK and Europe customers the same discount offer they do for US customers? Currently, US customers can buy the PC game from DOW for a reduced $20 (£11 UK) if they currently hold a web card (which I do - I'm on my second), but UK/Europe have to pay ¤20 (£16 UK) and have no webcard option/advantage.

Don't get me wrong: I realise there will be a multitude of reasons why prices are as they are, and presumably why UK/Europe customers are not being offered the reduced offer, and I acknowledge that US prices are always lower for similar goods compared to UK/Europe due to tax, etc. but one might feel US customers are getting a better deal.

I hope this doesn't sound as if I'm having a whinge. I totally respect all that Brice and co. are doing for the online community re. constantly listening to the wishes of the its members, and trying to update and improve the gaming facilities.

Some advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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