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Re:Fixing bent figures Fri, 19 October 2007 06:20
Macht Schnell wrote on Thu, 23 August 2007 14:34

The figures that came with my game were horribly bent, without exception. I did the hot water cold water thing, and it worked great. Only problem is that they went back to their old positions after a few days. Do I need to keep redoing this process? Also, I have painted some of the figs and they have gone back to being bent. How do I fix those figures now? I don't know if dropping them in hot water is going to do the paint job any good even though they are sealed with varnish. Any further tips would be appreciated.

Not sure about the painted figures. I would assume that as long as there is no tears in the paint and the water doesn't get between the paint and plastic, should still work.

If your figures are severly bent, you may need to do the process a couple times. As Roob pointed out, you need boiling hot water and I usually use water with plenty of ice for the cool down. Just be sure not to let your figures sit at the bottom of a boiling pot or you may burn them from the metal.

If some figures are particularly tough, when you bend them, overcompensate a bit. if they were to the left, bend them to the right slightly more so that when they go back to the left, they actually straighten straight up.

All of the figures were molded correctly so their natural state should be straight up. Unless, they were packaged before they were cool, the hot/cold bath should release the stresses in the figure and get it back to where it needs to be.

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Re:Fixing bent figures Tue, 22 January 2008 21:56
JAA1030 wrote on Sun, 24 December 2006 02:46

Schwa wrote on Sat, 23 December 2006 12:34

Anyone having problems with fixed figures "re-bending"? I went through and fixed my cavalry units, but when I pulled them out to play the other day, some of them were leaning again Shocked .

I had to fix about 50 minis and after a day or two I had to reedoo about 15 so it does happen. Mad

I had to re-fix a few. I found that if you forgoe the cold water step and simply use finger pressure on the fig as it cools you can get it to shape up even when it has resisted the first go-round. One caveat though, I just did it two days ago and time will tell how much of a memory the little buggers have!
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