Memoir '44 Projects of Antoi

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The French resistance in the basegame gave me the inspiration on making a campaign for Russian partisans. The huge space in Russia offered the partisans a good place to hide and ambush oppertuniy. The partisans were really a problem for the Germans, so much they had to have extra troops for protection of vital supply's and persons.
The campaign I''m working on is based on al this. It's fictional but, it could really have happened I think.  So campaign rules are gonna be in effect and I've thought of some extra rules. The document gives you a quick impression of the campaign, but: It's still all work in progress.......

The Walcheren campaign was needed to occupy both sides of the schelde river so supplys could get tot Antwerpen. This campaing included landings en some heavy fighting on flooded fields. Also, besides Normandy, this is the only place were the German Atlantikwall was ever breached. short explanation personal score form axis and allies Total scores
Click on the PDF below to make your own breakthrough deck with 2 standard command decks and some sleeves

D-Day landings briefings