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Games common characteristics

Here are a few characteristics common to all the games we publish. Each time you purchase a Days of Wonder game you will be assured to find:

A solid theme:
We strive for games that, for a minute or an hour, transport you to a different world. Be it being a reckless Pirate, the King's favorite, a meticulous Templar investigator, or a compulsive Chinese card player, our boxes let you step in a whole new world for the duration of your play.

A focus on FUN, broad-appeal games:
Regardless of their historical background or geographical origin, our games strive to be accessible to the largest possible public. Simple without being simplistic, with easy-to-learn rules but subtle-to-master game play, our games focus on being fun for all rather than a few.

Shared pleasures, shared memories:
Our objective is to provide you with the stepping stones to a world of fun, laughter and wonder, whose memories make you come back time and again. We look for games that make you look forward to your next opportunity to play them.

Top-notch components, esthetic and design:
We strive to make each and every one of our games so lovingly crafted that their quality is recognized in the industry as unmatched. We want every box we sell to bring back the excitement you had when, as a child, you opened your very first game, adventure book or train set, and smelled the odor of fresh glue or recently pressed metal.