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 Topic: Nieuwe uitbreiding 'through jungle and desert'
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Re:Nieuwe uitbreiding 'through jungle and desert' Wed, 24 January 2018 07:54
Von Weizen wrote on Tue, 23 January 2018 22:55

En Khalkhin-Gio dan? Die heeft toch ook een voorbedrukte overlord in de pacific?

Het zou erg mooi zijn als de andere uitbreidingen weer beschikbaar komen nu met deze battle map.

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Forum: Small World - English
 Topic: New races and ability - are they OK?
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Re:New races and ability - are they OK? Wed, 24 January 2018 01:57
Hi ! Always delighted by new proposals. Let's see what we've got here.


Gins (7/12): During each turn you can give a single Gin token to one or more of your enemies. In this turn you may conquer his/their Regions with 1 less Gin token than normal. A minimum of 1 Gin token is still required. Before redeploying troops at the end of your turn take Gin tokens back.

I don't quite understand the point of this one. The enemy places a Gin token in one of his regions to increase the defense and this region can be conquered with one less token than necessary ? Maybe I missed something, but what's the point ? Not giving a token and conquering the region normally is the same then, since the bonus attack is nullified by the extra Gin token in it. And you lose a token for your turn of conquest per opponent... In other words, it is useless, way below Ratmen who are 8 and not 7.

If the power was about conquering the region with a Gin token in it as if it was empty, why not. Or even better : you can place one Gin in a region of each opponent. This region is a bonus VP for you AND for the opponent. Something like this...


Ones (4/9 or 5/10): Ones can't attack active races and any active race can't attack regions occupied by Ones.

Wow, this one is harsh... but actually a good idea, maybe too extreme. I think it would soon turn rather at the Ones' disadvantage. The opponent corners them somewhere on the map and carry on in another direction. Besides, this race makes special powers like Corrupt useless.


Gnolls (10/15): At the end of each turn discard one of your Gnoll tokens.

Simple yet cool. I had a similar idea, actually, but never wrote it down. I think 10 is the right number. Or maybe 11.


Dyads (7/12): Your opponents can't use a bone to conquer Dryads regions.

You meant a bonus of attack right ? Why not but it might be a little too specific.


Bugbears (6/11 or 7/12): When Bugbears abandon the region take ruins token from the storage tray and place it in that Region - it stays immune until your next turn. At the beginning of your next turn you have to put it back into the storage tray.

How many Ruins tokens do you get ? This is quite a good idea if you have at least two.


Unicorns (7/12): When you choose Unicorns take the same number of Unicorns' horns and keep it in front of you. Each time when you are going to lose Unicorn tokens discard one Unicorn’s horn, instead of each Unicorn’s token. During your turn you may conquer with only the same or less number of Unicorn’s tokens, than the number of your horns decreased by the number of Regions occupied by Unicorns.

Not sure I got this one...


Spectrums (4/9): Each time when Region occupied by Spectrums is conquered, the attacker (including Elves) loses one token, too.

This one's harsh too, but I like it ! But maybe 4 is a little too underpowered, I don't know... I'll make the calculations later.


Griffins’ Breeders (4): You get six Griffins tokens, which you can use as your second active race (without any abilities), but you don't collect any Victory coins for the Regions occupied by them. You can’t mix your Griffins tokens with your main active race tokens. Any ability, which concerns active races does not affect Griffins.

Six Griffins might be too much, but I like the idea Smile

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Re:New races and ability - are they OK? Wed, 24 January 2018 08:01
Thank for your comments Smile
I will try to correct it.
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 Topic: Message "Serveur plein"
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Re:Message "Serveur plein" Wed, 24 January 2018 08:32
Si pas de nouveaux commentaires je considère que ce problème est réglé et je fais suivre un message de remerciement à DOW.