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Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Topic: 1st Round
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T2R Nation Cup 2007 Winner

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November 2004
1st Round Tue, 11 September 2007 23:06
Shocked tprail : wernerus

Saturday 1pm (MEZ)-

cu and have fun

 Topic: NC 2007 - Resulttable ... after Round # 7

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August 2006
  NC 2007 - Resulttable ... after Round # 7 Mon, 17 September 2007 07:30
Results Group A

TEAM				  1       2       3       4       5       6	  7
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------
Red TGV		        	1/3/2   0/1/-3  1/4/10  1/3/2	0/2/1   1/4/8	1/3/1
Homeland Security (HS)  	0/1/-7	0/2/1	1/5/7	0/1/-2	1/5/12	0/2/-2	0/2/-1
Suomi-Oranje-Schweiz (SOS)	1/4/6	1/4/3	1/4/9	1/5/13	0/2/-2	1/3/2	1/3/-1
Our Laughing Express (OLE)	0/2/1	1/3/-1	0/2/0	1/4/6	1/3/-1	1/3/2	0/2/1
Austrian Troublemakers (AT)	1/4/7	1/3/5	1/3/0	0/2/-2 	1/3/2	1/3/3	1/3/4
Transalpin (TA)			0/2/-2	1/3/1	0/1/-9	1/3/2	1/4/7	0/2/-2	0/2/-4
Incredible Champ. hunters (TIC)	0/1/-6	0/2/-1	0/1/-10	0/1/-6	0/0/-12	0/2/-3	0/2/-2
Rosé TGV			1/3/-1	0/2/-5	0/0/-7	0/0/-13	0/1/-7	0/1/-8	0/2/2

Status Board Group A (after Round 7)

	Group A				P	G	M
1 Suomi-Oranje-Schweiz (SOS)	 	6 	25 	+30
2 Austrian Troublemakers (AT) 		6 	21 	+19
3 Red TGV 				5 	20 	+21
4 Our Laughing Express (OLE) 		4 	19 	+8
5 Transalpin (TA) 			3 	17 	-7
6 Homeland Security (HS) 		2 	18 	+8
7 Rosé TGV 				1 	9 	-39
8 The Incredible Champion hunters (TIC)	0 	9 	-40

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------

Results Group B

TEAM				  1       2       3       4       5       6	  7
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------
German Train Smashers (GTS)	1/3/4   1/4/8   1/4/3   1/4/3	0/1/-7  0/2/-1	0/0/-9
NewComerz (NCZ)		        1/4/7	0/2/-2	1/4/6	1/3/5	1/3/4	0/2/-4	1/5/9
Catalunya (CAT)			1/3/5	0/1/-8	0/1/-4	1/4/2	0/1/-3	1/3/4	0/2/-1
Team ReBuilt (TRB)		1/3/5	1/3/2	0/2/-1	0/1/-7	1/4/7	0/1/-7	1/3/1
Transnational (TNT)		0/1/-7	1/3/3	1/3/1	0/1/-3 	1/4/3	1/3/4	1/4/7
White TGV			0/2/-4	0/1/-8	1/4/4	0/2/-5	1/4/6	1/4/7	0/1/-7
Freedom Train (FT)		0/2/-5	1/4/8	0/1/-3	1/4/7	0/2/-4	0/2/-4	0/1/-7
Canadian Crazy Canucks (CC)	0/2/-5	0/2/-3	0/1/-6	0/0/-2	0/1/-6	1/3/1	1/4/7

Status Board Group B (after Round 7)

	Group B				P	G	M
1 NewComerZ (NCZ) 			5 	23 	+25
2 TransNational Team (TNT) 		5 	19 	+8
3 German Train Smashers (GTS) 		4 	18 	+1
4 Team ReBuilt (TRB) 			4 	17 	+0
5 White TGV 				3 	17	-7
6 Team Catalunya (CAT) 			3 	15 	-3
7 Freedom Train (FT) 			2 	16 	-8
8 Canadian Crazy Canucks (CC) 		2 	13 	-14

P = Points
G = Games won
M = Matches diff


Round 1	  Group A
TA  - Red  2:3  (11:13)
HS  - AT   1:4  ( 6:13)
SOS - TIC  4:1  (12: 6)
OLE - Rose 2:3  (10: 9)

	  Group B

Whi - GTS  2:3  ( 8:12)
NCZ - TNT  4:1  (12: 5)
CAT - FT   3:2  (12: 7)
TRB - CC   3:2  (13: 8)

     - - - - -

Round 2	  Group A
Red - SOS  1:4  (10:13)
HS  - OLE  2:3  ( 8:11)
AT  - Rose 3:2  (12: 7)
TA  - TIC  3:2  (11:10)

	  Group B

GTS - CAT  4:1  (14: 6)
NCZ - TRB  2:3  ( 8:10)
TNT - CC   3:2  (12: 9)
Whi - FT   1:4  ( 6:14)

     - - - - -

Round 3	  Group A
TIC - RED  1:4  ( 4:14)
Rose- HS   0:5  ( 8:15)
SOS - TA   4:1  (14: 5)
OLE - AT   2:3  (12:12)

	  Group B

FT  - GTS  1:4  ( 9:12)
CC  - NCZ  1:4  ( 6:12)
CAT - WHI  1:4  ( 9:13)
TRB - TNT  2:3  (10:11)

     - - - - -

Round 4	  Group A
RED - AT   3:2  (12:10)
HS  - TA   1:3  ( 7: 9)
Rosé- SOS  0:5  ( 2:15)
OLE - TIC  4:1  (14: 8)

	  Group B

GTS - TNT  4:1  (12: 9)
NCZ - WHI  3:2  (13: 8)
CC  - CAT  1:4  (10:12)
TRB - FT   1:4  ( 7:14)

     - - - - -

Round 5	  Group A
RED - OLE  2:3  (10: 9)
TIC - HS   0:5  ( 3:15)
SOS - AT   2:3  ( 8:10)
TA  - Rosé 4:1  (14: 7)

	  Group B

GTS - TRB  1:4  ( 7:14)
FT  - NCZ  2:3  ( 7:11)
CAT - TNT  1:4  (10:13)
WHI - CC   4:1  (14: 8)

     - - - - -

Round 6	  Group A
Rosé- RED  1:4  ( 6:14)
HS  - SOS  2:3  ( 9:11)
AT  - TIC  3:2  (11: 8)
OLE - TA   3:2  (10: 8)

	  Group B

CC  - GTS  3:2  (10: 9)
NCZ - CAT  2:3  ( 8:12)
TNT - FT   3:2  (12: 8)
TRB - Whi  1:4  ( 7:14)

     - - - - -

Round 7	  Group A
RED - HS   3:2  (12:11)
SOS - OLE  3:2  ( 9:10)
AT  - TA   3:2  (11: 7)
TIC - Rosé 2:2  ( 8:10)*
*1 match to play

	  Group B

GTS - NCZ  0:5  ( 6:15)
CAT - TRB  2:3  ( 9:10)
TNT - Whi  4:1  (13: 6)
FT  - CC   1:4  ( 7:14)

No replys here !!!
Only per PM to TD-NC2007, Thadd or shamogi


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 Topic: ThoMue1982 - TEE-Citeaux
TuS Tho
T2R Nation Cup 2011 Winner

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December 2004
ThoMue1982 - TEE-Citeaux Thu, 18 October 2007 22:51
[SIZE=5]NC Round 6:SIZE]

ThoMue1982 : TEE-Citeaux 3:2

Thank you TEE for the games ans good luck for you in the next round!

 Topic: Sorry GTS An-Team
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January 2006
Sorry GTS An-Team Sun, 28 October 2007 16:41

I'd like to say sorry to GTS An-Team. My laptop crashed twice in a row and I couldn't be back in time.

Sorry to the readers of the competitive play section for this spamming, i can't sent pm.. i'm only a guest... Rolling Eyes Very Happy

Krill, who now knows what to order to Santa Claus... Confused
 Topic: My Second to last post ever
Baron Von Schmidt
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January 2007
  My Second to last post ever Sat, 10 November 2007 05:53
Hey Everybody,

I had an idea about having a CLEAN thread where individuals could ask the community for advice on playing Ticket to Ride. Answers would be given here by using the quote feature of the persons original question so as not to be too confusing. In other words if a player number 1 asks a question and then gets some answers and then player number 2 asks one and also player number 3, but then you decide to answer player number 1's question, please QUOTE the original question in YOUR new post answering it so it is clear which question you are answering but also so someone reading doesn't need to scroll back and forth between the two questions in order to follow the answer. Does that make sense?

Questions could be about general strategy, general tactics, (please not too broad or newbie type like "how do I play? or should I block?. Those are answered quite well by psteinx already in his excellent posts). Questions also could be about specific games or advice on how to play a certain pair of (or trey) of tickets. I think it would be good to establish a certain format if you are going to ask about a specific game so that it will be as clear as possible. I know that I for one can get confused when the game is explained in all one long paragraph and is told like, then I took 4 black, 5 red, 6 orange, while my opponent continued in the south. etc.

This is my suggestion but would like to see if there are other ways that would work better.

If you are recounting a game and would like advice or opinions please try to be as specific as possible. Sometimes you cannot be and that is understandable since most of us cannot remember our games with perfect clarity, and also some questions do not require the game to be told with exact detail. Anyway here is one format that might work games. (if you can't be completely specific just leave the parts out you can't remember and fill in what you can). In fact maybe this can be copied and pasted when asking for advice.



What were your 3 ticket choices?

Which did you keep?

Who went First?

How many cards were in your hand when the first tracks were laid?

First play
2nd play

Now obviously not all this has to be filled out everytime. It's just an idea. One place to get ideas from real games. PLEASE, PLEASE do not fill it up with other types of posts.

Hope everyone continues to have fun playing,


Baron Von Schmidt
 Topic: We Need to Finnish This !
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November 2006
We Need to Finnish This ! Fri, 16 November 2007 03:25
Seen on some rating lists, as of tonight, around 21:20 EST :

Anu_ (a.k.a. Goddess) is 4th in USA with 1914, and second in multi with 1829.

Zimo (a.k.a. to be named later on) is 16th in USA with 1883, and fourth in multi with 1793.

I wonder if we will have a good, Finnish team next year... Cool

PS: Womble (a.k.a. Lady Luck) is second on the USA map, and first in multi with 1830 ! Now I wonder if we will have a good GTS team next year. Oh, my sources are telling me that we already have !

[Updated on: Fri, 16 November 2007 03:32]

 Topic: Germany vs The World
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  Germany vs The World Mon, 10 December 2007 15:59

I find this idea of drakestorm intriguing:

DrakeStorm schrieb am Sun, 09 December 2007 07:44

... or what about Germany vs. the World (two big teams - like 20+ people on each side playing all sorts of formats - different maps, multi/2P, odd formats like snake, tag team etc.)!

Not as hard to organizing and operating as it seems.

We need two captains for germany and "the world" (maybe a second captain each).

We need a day and a time frame.

Whoever shows up and is willing to play should contact the captain (per email, pm or in the lobby during the event).

Every player can play only once. Every match is a Best of 3.

The whole clash is played in groups of 4 or 6 matches. Before each "group" both captains claim the opponents for the following group. The last group has a odd number of matches. The overall number of matches is determined at the beginning based on interested players on both sides.

The "Groups"

Captain A starts with offering one player AND the map the match should be played on. The player MUST be able to create games with the map. Captain B nominate the opponent. The opponent MUST NOT be able to create games with this map.

Now captain B is doing the same and then A and B again till the number of matches per group is reached.

All games of a group are played parallel.

After all games are finished the next "bidding" is starting.


A duration of a few hours allows american players to play at an appropriate time, they can even join spontaneous (which world captain would NOT allow thekid to offer a switz map?).

A lot of games between good players on different maps. The group scheme allows to reduce chaos.


Lobby chat system. Maybe shamogis website to support the event would be useful. A lot of players have msn / skype, this should also reduce chaos.

The maps played. High probability that mostly unusual maps would be choosen (more luck driven, favorite map etc.). There should be a rule that 50% of all matches in a group (2 or 3) MUST be played on the US map.

Not so easy to include multiplayer or tag team into this. I would suggest to play only 2 player. Also no variants, because all games are open and rated.

What do you think?

P.S. I am not able to be captain at the moment, but i would support such an event with all i can do.

bye, erps

 Topic: So How about a Game of << Zug um Zug >> ?
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So How about a Game of << Zug um Zug >> ? Fri, 11 January 2008 01:10

Sounds like there is nothing to talk about these days around here. So let's talk about almost nothing : sounds.

As I live far from Germany, Swiss, or Austria, I have difficulties knowing how german sounds like. Interested in taking a little crash course in german pronunciation, I stumbled upon the nice little site :

It is my firm belief that pursuing this research will help me become a better TTR player. For I am sure German Ingenuity in this game is in some not too remote way related to the fact that since childhood the german-speaking mind gets bigger and bigger by learning guttural sounds, nuances in the sounds of "V", length of vowels, etc. Maybe this hypothesis could be refined, but still, it's easy to see that it's in the ballpark of truth.

And in the lesson 3, there is this lesson about the sound Z :

Look at the examples :

* Zug
* ziehen
* Ziehe

The third example too may be related to TTR, but in a way only our friend Spudamon could tell... But the first example is clearly related to our game. You can listen to it here : 3/zug.mp3

I am surprised how soft it sounds. Wasn't german supposed to be harsher than Klingon [1] ?

Besides, there remains that other unsettled enigma (yes, some enigmas are settled) : what does the full expression Zug um Zug sound like ?



EDIT. Length. Length. Length. Length. Length. Length. Length. Length. Length. Lenght. Damn !

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 Topic: A New Definition of Playing
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A New Definition of Playing Wed, 16 January 2008 04:37
The DOW team has redefined the concept of playing.

I had 3 games this evening to reach 2000 games played. So I set a meeting with dizz to play them. The first two were unrated : Swiss and USA. Since it was a kind of anniversary, I thought it was appropriate anyway. But I am still at 1997 games played. The two games I just played were not played. They don't count as played.

It should be compulsory that a team of programmers be led by folks that look from time to time into a dictionary.

 Topic: TTR chat comes alive Jan 31

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October 2006
TTR chat comes alive Jan 31 Fri, 01 February 2008 17:10
TTR Press: Finally, after a long absence, Baron graced TTR last night with his epigrammatic style of writing which had been sadly missed in the last months. Online, there was much adieu, the chat window was all abuzz with activity, waking those slumbering TTR players who were in a daze sitting sideways in their chairs. Even the controversial JohnGalt got in the action, but as far as I know wouldn't play his challenged game vs. THE Baron. People are reported as saying that there was more interesting conversation last night than many nights put together in the last month. Alas, many even chose to forego playing any TTR games just to sit and watch the invigorating, lively dialogue. What a relief, and just when we thought the monotomy would overtake us all.
A sincere Thank You to Baron. 40 can't be all that bad I guess.
 Topic: Scheduling a Match : A Simple Question
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November 2006
Scheduling a Match : A Simple Question Sun, 03 February 2008 21:19

Often enough, in the current tournament, do I see that an announced match has already been played. I understand that life can get in the way, that one does not owe anything to spectators, or that when opportunity knocks one must answer. Still, if one does not want to commit, then why do it in the first place ?

Maybe not-committing, or worse not respecting one's commitment, does hint at a simple strategy for those who do not want too much scouts around... Never mind that the games are open, then !

[Updated on: Sun, 03 February 2008 21:20]

 Topic: Limited games and politeness
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December 2006
Limited games and politeness Sat, 09 February 2008 07:32
I have had many conversations in lobby about this, so its time to make topic already.

When i make limited games, i assume that player who joins, is top 103, 1600+, etc.
But sometimes I play with some player without asking his score, cause i know him, and I have seen that he had not been enough good to join.
If after game, i watc his profile, and notice that player was for example 50 score lower than he should be. Then i usually ask in lobby, why he joins even there was a limit.
Sometimes i heard answer like this "Hey i am a good player, why cant i play with you, do you afraid losing scores" You think its really right?
Why it is so hard to ask, i almost always, specially in us play if someone over 1400+ player asks to play. And so do many other players, specially in multis, if it is "no matter" who plays with you, why to make limited games at all.
This is same with guests, and low rated players, if some 12xx comes to my game and I ask score, he answers "Afraid?", i really dont care to play with him, sometimes i heard that "Afraid" word in lobby too, when i ask player to leave. So it is really that way that even i have a limit in my game, i should play with all people, even they would be rude, and dont ask permission to play?

P.S Like i have said, sometimes i heard good explanation, and accept it. That is the way it should go.

[Updated on: Sat, 09 February 2008 19:40]

 Topic: FED CUP 2008 Rumours and Interviews
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  FED CUP 2008 Rumours and Interviews Mon, 03 March 2008 11:48
Erwin Decker: Yo yo folks, welcome to just another tourney. We are all looking forward to what is happening this year - curious blocks, early outs of high ELO-ranked teams, maybe forfeits cause of psychological terror?! Moni - again You chose Muddaihrsohn as Your partner. You didnt succeed in 2007 - what moved You to pick Mudda again...

Monika: Love, Erwin, its simply love...

ED: OK, thats an argument. Do You think that Your love with Mudda is stronger than for example Anus ( Very Happy ) with Schwen or U31 & U32?!

Monika: Even more than those two couples together! If Mudda wasnt that much younger than me, we would have been married in 2007...

ED: But does Anu know about that? There are rumours about a cryptic travel to Las Vegas...

Make72: Yes whats that rumour all about?!

Mudda: Hmmmm. Nothin man. Its a lie...

Monika: Is there something You want to tell me?

Mudda: Las Vegas is beautiful and once in a while I am going to get there, thats all... Rolling Eyes

ED: Somehow I dont feel too good about this Vegas topic... lets see what the first results are and then talk again...
 Topic: Something I've never seen before
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December 2004
Something I've never seen before Sat, 28 June 2008 04:03
Last night in a game my opponent played a three grey with blue using 2 blue and 1 loco. Then on the very next turn he played the 6 blue using 5 blue and 1 loco.

I didn't think you could mix and match, or is this part of the Xbox version?
 Topic: Team USA 3
the aceman
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Team USA 3 Sat, 12 July 2008 04:57
Hey All American TTR Players I Am Starting A USA Team 3(AWS=American Whale Savers)Please talk to me/pm me about wether you can join or not(most likely you can join). I will be captin unless anyone wants to take that responsibility from me they are welcome to. Because it is a lot of work for me and i am a growing boy who needs his sleep, so thanks a lot TTR players

 Topic: Suomalaisia etsitään ( Finding finns)
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December 2006
Suomalaisia etsitään ( Finding finns) Sun, 27 July 2008 11:36

Ticket to ridessä ollaan järjestämässä NC-turnaus (MM-kisat), joihin haemme pelaajia Suomen joukkueeseen.

Jos pelaat Menolippua netissä aktiivisesti, ja osaat käyttää yksityisviestiä ja puhut kohtalaisesti englantia ja haluat osallistua turnaukseen, kirjoita tähän topiciin, niin myöhemmin voimme sopia yksityiskohdista, jos saamme joukkueen kasaan (6 pelaajaa)

Turnauksen säännöt löytyvät:

(Now translated to english, for those who dont understand finnish)


We are going to have a Nation Cup tournament in ttr, and we are seeking players for Finnish team.

If you play TTR often, and you can use PM and you speak English enough good to communicate with other players, you are welcome.
If you are interested, post to this topics, and we can talk about details later, if we get enough players ( 6 player)

Tournament rules:

[Updated on: Sun, 27 July 2008 11:40]

 Topic: mappe e percorsi

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March 2006
mappe e percorsi Tue, 29 July 2008 19:05
Non sempre è una questione di primo amore. Io ho iniziato in USA (cartaceo), ma poi ho scoperto il fascino sottile dell`Europa. Gli USA sono un campo di battaglia aperto, napoleonico, da grandi potenze. Lì è questione di metterne 6 arancioni, e poi 6 gialli, e intanto immagazzinarne 6 verdi da mettere sotto, etc. In Europa è questione di strategie velate,occultate, di impennate, indecisioni, rischi, e poi percorsi anche arzigogolati, tortuosi, claustrofobici, come dice Qorlas. Cioè tutto molto realista, appassionante. Decisamente, un torneo in Europa sarebbe molto più emozionante, non credete?
 Topic: The Truth Why There Is No Homeland Security This Year
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July 2005
The Truth Why There Is No Homeland Security This Year Thu, 21 August 2008 16:57

Rumors say that the hacker got into some homeland security accounts too and switched them to dreaded guest status.

Pity but true.

bye, erps
 Topic: Captains please PM me
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January 2005
Captains please PM me Tue, 02 September 2008 13:19
So far I have PMs from 11 captains with a real email address. If you have not PM'd me please do so asap. My PM responder is working now but I would still prefer to do the lineups by email.

 Topic: who wins nc
the aceman
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July 2006
who wins nc Thu, 04 September 2008 02:19
hey ttr nation

who knows who will win this years NC 2008 anybody and everyone pm me there predictions for this years NC top 3, will the us finally win one for the team! (not without me they won't)

i will keep a tally of everyone and award the winner A BRAND NEW GUEST ACCOUNT, that you can upgrade yourself

account name_WhalesSaver69 i no you want it and there is only one person who can get it so send in your votes!!!!

[Updated on: Thu, 04 September 2008 02:20]

 Topic: 1st round of NC
the aceman
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July 2006
1st round of NC Thu, 04 September 2008 05:39
hello does anyone know what the 1st round of the NC will look like

i think we should set up some kind bracket/guessing of which team will win each round or something of this nature

if anyone is up to helping me with this that would be great
 Topic: more pics
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April 2005
  more pics Mon, 08 September 2008 20:52
 Topic: Let's Get Ready to Rumble !
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November 2006
Let's Get Ready to Rumble ! Fri, 12 September 2008 15:05
Now that we have almost any tournament we need, it's time to explore something more exotic. Looking around, there is this new crowd's favorite : Chess Boxing. Here is a report of a recent event :

It might not be easy to organize such a thing virtually. But there are gatherings of TTR players, sometimes. The incentive might be there, as we have some rivalries that I am sure could attract sponsorship.

 Topic: Hey Zeno.....
Black Baron
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November 2007
Hey Zeno..... Sun, 14 September 2008 02:19
Zeno I have a request.

EDITED: Would you be willing to please show the list of all NC players (by team) with their composite score as suggested br Truckerteller?

(Will you add a post here showing the players in each of the NC teams along with their overall score?

I am sure that like me there are others that have never quite gotten adjusted to the combined 2 player/USA score thing. I'd love to see the listing of all the players with the most common score seen (the overall of course).)

Is there no one else interested in this???????



[Updated on: Wed, 17 September 2008 00:58]

 Topic: TRB New Captain and Board Member
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TRB New Captain and Board Member Mon, 29 September 2008 22:38

I hereby officially announce that the new Captain and Board Member for Team TRB is

TRB Spock

It may be possible, that the lineup for the next week is still sended by me or a few hours late due to the organisation of the handover.

This is a personal decision based on personal issues and has nothing to do with team spirit or results or anything else. I hope that i am still able to play for my team in the round robin or the play-offs, but this will only the future show.

CU all and have fun.

 Topic: lineups - just making sure

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August 2006
lineups - just making sure Wed, 01 October 2008 23:40
It is 5:30PM EST and so far I have 16 lineups out of the 24 teams. I have asked the captains to send me SOMETHING even if their lineups remain the same, just so I know there is no misunderstanding.

As it is, I have no choice but to use the lineup from last week for these teams. But in the future, please send me something even if it's the same as last week's.

Also please remember to put your team name and round number in the subject heading.

Also FYI - I should be able to post lineups later tonight, but sometimes I cannot get to this until Thursday, but will do it as soon as I possibly can, and definitely before Friday morning European time.


[Updated on: Wed, 01 October 2008 23:43]

 Topic: EMC round1
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EMC round1 Sun, 02 November 2008 19:38

[Updated on: Sun, 02 November 2008 19:39]

 Topic: Speedy Tourne No 2
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Speedy Tourne No 2 Sun, 30 November 2008 14:18
Thanks for your responses.

Of course the larger Tourne would be harder to organise but is more inclusive of a wider range of players.

I think it is a good idea for the champion to defend his/her tittle but i would not like to see the champion choosing the players to play with otherwise it could become exclusive and not inclusive.

On the other hand there is likely to be more than 7 players wanting to play.

For now we could create a list and the champion defends against the next 6 on the list that respond in time for the match and can make it. Non playing players retain their position for one more time if they can not make it in the list but after 2nd refusal for what ever reason they drop to the bottom of the list.

We could try several small tourne.s to get people involved and interested.

An alternative development idea rather than the Pyramid though i think with some good organisers this could be great fun, a league ladder is created.

Eg League is original starter players. 2 more leagues formed initially. 7th player in league 1 drops 2 leagues 6th palyer drops one league.
2nd league or Div 2 top 2 players go up bottom 2 players go down unless there are more divisions.

This could get complicated if it grows but again it is down to the organisers.

I stil think a Pyramid of 49 players would work and a final approaching Christmas would have some audience and Pom Poms.

Your further thoughts and can i have some thoughts from other players who were not involved in the first speedy tourne.

If anyone wants to see the Tiki report and result of the first tourne and rules please see Speedy Tourne thread and Wasdeems entry.

Do we go for ;
1) Random 7 player speedy Tourne's (Anyone can organise with anyone anytime)
2) Pyramid Speedy Tourne (At this stage a 1 off )
3) Create a league

All players comments welcome

 Topic: TTR League Week 4 Schedule
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TTR League Week 4 Schedule Mon, 26 January 2009 02:44

Anu Schwen (played)
Deveric Christan
Daedin PapiXulu
Goscha Zimo (played)


Mason68 Toutoune
MiguelMarques Deep_Blue (played)
Patterson Hecki
Muddha Dea1 (played)


Sauvignon Pegaso
Wasdenn Olle Boll
Bassie xbomanx
Drake Chrismmm


Stemayf Pammes (played)
Masimo Nomade
White_Tiger U 31
Colo Suburu

Coal Shovelers:

Rufuz Sysyphus (played)
Wostwuist MonstarMaster
RMarkes Zeno
sookie Jac

Ticket Takers:

Dizz Xsandrax
Hojita Onyx Puffin (played)
Robin Hood Lucullupus
Aralai Marshall Vorwarts


John_ Valkama
FoudeCoasters Speedyzitt (played)
Mary Mary Technikerin (played)
Baron tyrana (played)


U 32 Zaco2 (played)
Qorlas Railbandit (Played)
Shono Snuggle
Master_Yoda fczzsc

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November 2006
As you probably have noticed - I really like to take a look at screenshots of competitive games and take screenshots by myself whenever I watch tournament matches (you can see most of them on Tickipedia).

I thought if there was an easy way to make and share screenshots, there assumedly would be more watchers who take and upload pics of the games.

So I finally found a good way which I now have tested and improved for about a month - the following video shows, how easy
this could be using mouse gestures:

(I paused the recording during the upload for about 30 seconds...but the whole progress of taking and uploading the screenshot lasts less than a minute)

The mouse gestures I used are the following:

1 DOWN: Takes a screenshot of the whole screen and saves it to 000.jpg in default directory

2 UP: Opens 000.jpg in MS Paint and selects all

3 DOWN-LEFT: Resizes the file to 800x600 pixel

4 S: Saves the changes in 000.jpg and closes MS Paint

5 DOWN-UP: Uploads 000.jpg to

The used pieces of software are StrokeIt and Screentaker.NET

Both tools are freeware, the screenshot-tool only has german user interface (but you only have to do the settings once) and
needs .NET Framework 2.0 (for editing the screenshot MS Paint has to be installed).

If you want to try this by yourself you are free to PM me - if there are some interested players I'll make a tutorial.

I recommend everyone who downloads setup-exes to use antivir-software (even I don't think there will be any problems) - as
they are freeware tools, please don't make me responsible for any possible system problem!



PS: It works on Vista, but I cannot imagine why it should not work on lower versions of Windows - I do NOT know, if you can
use the mouse gesture tool with touchpads, maybe it is worth a try but I imagine you can work more comfortable with a kind of hotkey manager...
 Topic: Ticket Takers Div F [season 2]
onyx puffin LOL
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Ticket Takers Div F [season 2] Sun, 01 March 2009 05:14
Ticket Takers Div F season 2

What a great Crew for Season Two!

Ticket Taker's Division (F)
Onyx Puffin

[Updated on: Sun, 01 March 2009 05:20]

 Topic: Season 2: 1st Week Suggested Schedule
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Season 2: 1st Week Suggested Schedule Mon, 02 March 2009 03:29
Here's the suggested games for the 1st week. As before, feel free to play ahead, as you wish.

Miguel - Deep Blue
Deveric - Schwen
Cristiano - Daedin

Drake - U31
Toutone - PapiXulu
Muddha - Goscha

Pammes - Chris
Rmarkes - Xbmanx
2Cutter - Olle Boll

Youki- Wasdenn
White Tiger - Rufuz

Coal Shovelers:
Foude - Wostwuist

Ticket Takers:

John-Robin Hood
Marshall-Koei Player
Enix39 - Ommie
Qorlas-Der Neusser

Rail Bandit - Xennos

 Topic: TTR League Week 2 schedule
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TTR League Week 2 schedule Mon, 09 March 2009 02:56
Miguel - Zimo
Deveric - Deep Blue
Cristiano- Schwen

Drake - Dea
Toutone - U 31
Muddha - PapiXulu

Pammes - Hecki
Rmarkes - Chrismmm
2Cutter - Xbomanx

Colo - Wasdenn
Youki - Bassie
Suburu - Rufuz
White Tiger - Lucullupus

Coal Shovelers:
Stemayf - Nomade
Zeno - Dizz
sookie - Foude
Wostwuist - Kostas123

Ticket Takers:
Jac - Baron
Aralai - XsandraX
Shono - Hojita
Onyx Puffin - Maia03

Passengers East:
John - Acemandope
Speedy - Koei Player
Marshall - Ommie
Enix39 - Robin Hood

Passengers West:
Tyrana - Karen1961
Valkama - Der Neusser
Qorlas - JMulcai
Toffer13 - Wildfire

Hobos Left:
Railbandit - Teddy
Snuggle - Hrundi_Bakshi
U32 - Rocketblizzard
JenAck - Xennos

Hobos Right:
Techinkerin - Snowstar
Fczzsc - Gyuri
Zaco - Stocfocs

 Topic: TTR League Season 2 Week 3 Schedule
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TTR League Season 2 Week 3 Schedule Fri, 20 March 2009 01:42
Miguel - Schwen
Deveric - Cristiano
Daedin - Zimo

Drake - PapiXulu
Goscha - Dea

Pammes - Xbomanx
Rmarkes- 2Cutter
Olle Boll - Hecki

Colo - Bassie
Youki - Rufuz
Suburu - Lucullupus

Coal Shovelers:
Stemayf - Dizz
Zeno - Foude

Ticket Takers:
Aralai - Hojita

Passengers East:
John - Koei Player
Speedy - Ommie
Marshall - Robin Hood
Enix39 - Acemandope

Passengers West:
Tyrana - Der Neusser
Valkama - Jmulcai
Qorlas - Wildfire
Toffer - Karen1961

Hobos Left:
Railbandit - Hrundi
Snuggle - Rocket Blizzard
U32 - Xennos
JenAck - TEddy

Hobos Right:
Tech - Stocfocs
Fczzsc - Zaco
Wonderbere - Snowstar

[Updated on: Fri, 20 March 2009 15:41]

 Topic: How do you report someone who delays a game?
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How do you report someone who delays a game? Fri, 03 April 2009 00:03
I admit that I use to employ this unethical technique when I got frustrated in a game. I was then shown my error. Now I am wondering how you do report someone who constantly joins, delays, gets bumped off, then rejoins quickly, delays more.... you get it. How do I report this person? The user is Andre-Jean. They seem to have this notion that you aren't allowed to block their trains and get frustrated whenever I do, yet they continually join games that I create.

Thanks for any help.

[Updated on: Fri, 03 April 2009 00:04]

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  COME ON! JOIN THE CHAMPIONSSHIPS! Fri, 10 April 2009 10:05

I know it is a lot stuff to do lately, many league games, many tournaments.

But come on, these tournaments are really important an fun. At least 64 players for SPWC and 32 for EMC should be. And be aware of the SWISS competition!

I will do the event anyway, because a smaller number of players means less anger, less problems, less maintainance and shorter duration and and and.

Or is the true reason that half of the top 200 were double accounts in the past and they are afraid to be not invited??? Shocked

 Topic: "new" variants
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"new" variants Fri, 10 April 2009 11:46
One of the many advantages of the renovated site is the wide availability of all US map variants in a user-friendly interface. I hadn't played them for a while and now enthusiastically started again.

The game I played just now made me realise how much dust lies on these variants. It was a Big Cities game and I had Dul-Dal and Sea-LA. Not great, but since longest is irrelevant this combination is really not so bad. My 1500+ opponent (you can find his name easily but I will not name him here since it is actually irrelevant, there must be many like him) started with Nas-Atl and started drawing 75% of his cards open. To cut a long story short, I finished the game when he had 35 or 39 track points (and was probably half-way) and beat him by 50 points or so. I was surprised, looked up his history and saw he is number 2 on the Big Cities ranking! Apparently he normally benefits from opponents who don't have a clue.

Excuse me? The BC variant's ranking should be dominated by cut-throat players since it is all about the access to a few big cities, not by n00bs... Please... Play these variants! They all have their charm and they deserve to be played and have a decent top-20 or at least top-10. Even if you are just interested in pimping your overall rating these variants are excellent!

a desperate bassie
 Topic: SPWC Pick-Um
the aceman
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SPWC Pick-Um Tue, 14 April 2009 01:25
I thought it would be cool if for the SPWC, we did a bracket pick-um type thing. I set up a page on tiki if your intrested in filling out a bracket: x.php/Click_here

-as you can see I am no wizard at photoshop, but i did the best i could.

-if anyone can make this better or what not thats awesome 2

Link that goes straight to a bracket jpg

as for a prize, i am still not sure.
Here is an idea it can just be for FUN, ya lets just do that unless someone can think of something better.

oh and 1 last ps be careful because of my lacking skills at photoshop some of the names are kind of crushed in there, so you're smart you can figure it out. And the last name on the bottom right is TT John_, sorry bud you only get the top half. Very Happy

have fun


[Updated on: Tue, 14 April 2009 01:43]

 Topic: EMC 2009 - Schedules and Results
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EMC 2009 - Schedules and Results Tue, 14 April 2009 14:44
lucu - z 16.4 19.30 cet
 Topic: Apologies
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Apologies Sat, 18 April 2009 23:10
hey I would just like to say sorry to those in the multi today when my computer crashed. I tried to get back in but I couldn't, anyway its up and running now, i think.

and once again my apologies
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