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 Topic: No response from customer service!
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February 2016
Re:No response from customer service! Mon, 30 May 2016 00:13
Hello, is there any updates about missing details. You ignore requests already 6 months. Is it good for such big company?
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 Topic: Europa 1912 Joins the Family

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May 2011
Re:Europa 1912 Joins the Family Mon, 30 May 2016 01:47
As soon as I started the EU 1912 Mega game on my Lubuntu 14.04, the game crashed. Can't resume either, crashes within seconds of showing up the game map after I hit "resume" after relogin.

Anyone else experiencing problems on Linux? Last time I was playing EU, Asia, Nordics and whatnot without problems a couple weeks ago.
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December 2014
Re:Europa 1912 Joins the Family Mon, 30 May 2016 06:01
When trying to play Mega 1912 all my train cards are frozen and it won't let me select any train cards. Anyone else have this issue?
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 Topic: Printed Full Size Scenario Maps?
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July 2007
Re:Printed Full Size Scenario Maps? Mon, 30 May 2016 00:25
Up 'till this post:

8 prefer Breakthrough
6 prefer overlord
1 prefers standard size.

I counted people's first pick only.

I still think sets of 2 breakthroughs that can be combined in one overthrough will keep the most people happy, as it is the best of both worlds.
 Topic: Signed Memoir '44 Rules book
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March 2005
Re:Signed Memoir '44 Rules book Mon, 30 May 2016 07:53
Cpl_Uhl wrote on Sun, 29 May 2016 22:15

Your welcome. Next time we like to see you in person on the Dutch Open Laughing

indeed! That way you can sign our rulebooks Smile
Forum: Les Aventuriers du Rail - Jeu de société - Français
 Topic: Carte Pennsylvanie.
-= Crew =-

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April 2007
Re:Carte Pennsylvanie. Mon, 30 May 2016 11:20
Oui, comme dans les autres versions des Aventuriers du Rail, chaque route rapporte des points en fonction de sa longueur
1 = 1 pt
2 = 2 pts
3 = 4 pts
4 = 7 pts
5 = 10 pts
6 = 15 pts
7 = 18 pts
8 = 21 pts
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 Topic: Unbalanced combo's in 2p and how to counter
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January 2012
Re:Unbalanced combo's in 2p and how to counter Mon, 30 May 2016 12:11
Lawrence303 wrote on Sun, 29 May 2016 21:00

Personally, I'm glad they removed Diplomat for 2p and I'd like to see Ghouls removed as well. The reason is not so much that Diplomat/Ghouls are overpowered — although they are — but that they almost always get chosen when they're available, with the result that 2/3 of games end up being Diplomat or Ghouls games, which are always sort of the same and get to be pretty boring. Lately I've been specifying "NO GHOULS" for my games and I think they're a lot more fun and interesting because every game is really different.

As for the Royal Bonus expansion, I don't like it and I've deactivated it for the games I create. I hate Behemoth and the Igors are overpowered.

Hi, man! Glad to hear from you! I remember we had a few very interesting matches in 2013, then you disappeared. I was inviting you to games, but you were not accepting them, neither did you seem to be playing Small World at all. I was worried if everything was all right with you. As for me, I stopped playing Small World online about a year ago, because my buddies stopped receiving invitations due to some error on the DoW server. (Most of the times I did not see their invitations either.)

I see your point about the harmony and variety of the gameplay without Ghouls and Diplomat, talking about the 2 player map. But I personally think that any game becomes dull without annoying factors. You are saying that all matches with Diplomat and Ghouls are the same, but does really removing them remove typical strategies from Small World?

Having taken away Diplomat and Ghouls, you may go on stating, that all matches with Seafaring are the same - the first player just picks Seafaring, occupies two (sometimes three) unconquerable regions, then chooses a combo that can last till the end and takes advantage of his passive income for the most part of the game.

If we go on like this we can remove half of Races/Special Powers from the game. I have always been of the opinion that the monotony of the gameplay and the imbalance of some combos should be cured by adding elements, not by removing them. Igors, for example, can help to beat Skeletons etc.
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 Topic: 28/05/2016 - Mémoire 44 Tournoi de Melle (Gand) - Belgique
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November 2007
Re:28/05/2016 - Mémoire 44 Tournoi de Melle (Gand) - Belgique Mon, 30 May 2016 07:21
Merci a l'organisateurs pour ce tournoi. Bien organisé et, plus important,très joli! Cool

Merci a mes adversaires, Antoi, Junior72, Haspara et Dietrich von Kleist. Quatre parties qui a eu tous: moments de désespoir et de bonheur au plateau. Mais tous dans une atmosphère conviviale. Donc aussi merci a tous les joueurs.

11/29 hmmm, entrainement je pense. Rolling Eyes Very Happy

A la prochaine!

[Updated on: Mon, 30 May 2016 07:21]

Dietrich von Kleist
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June 2005
Re:28/05/2016 - Mémoire 44 Tournoi de Melle (Gand) - Belgique Mon, 30 May 2016 12:36
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April 2007
Re:28/05/2016 - Mémoire 44 Tournoi de Melle (Gand) - Belgique Mon, 30 May 2016 12:57
bravo aux organisateurs !
des maps originales ! ronde suisse. du beau boulot.

bravo a la famille funny qui une fois de plus sont presents dans le top ! ayant eu la chance d'en rencontrer 3 sur 4 en tournoi, c'est toujours un plaisir de jouer avec eux !

partie d'anthologie pour moi avec Antoi qui avait mené sa partie très tactiquement.
J'ai fait un véritable hold-up, mené de 3 points, a 1 médaille de la défaite et sans cartes jouables je vois ma fin arriver et la miracle je tire la 2-2-2 et je prend 3 médailles dans le meme tour..ouf...
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April 2007
Re:28/05/2016 - Mémoire 44 Tournoi de Melle (Gand) - Belgique Mon, 30 May 2016 12:58
merci aussi a vercingetorix pour ses indications , j'ai fait le plein de bieres belges en partant ...hips Cool

[Updated on: Mon, 30 May 2016 13:01]

Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Topic: SPWC 2016 : Schedule and Results
FLOP TuS Tenniskasi
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June 2005
Re:SPWC 2016 : Schedule and Results Mon, 30 May 2016 08:12
Lupo - Kasi 2:4

Just nice tickets the whole evening, so more luck on my side.

Always a pleasure Lupo
 Topic: New Euroleague Season 3 - Registration Thread
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April 2011
Re:New Euroleague Season 3 - Registration Thread Mon, 30 May 2016 00:04
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November 2008
Re:New Euroleague Season 3 - Registration Thread Mon, 30 May 2016 10:48
 Topic: New Euroleague Season 2 Division B schedule
RUS Sivorro
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April 2014
Re:New Euroleague Season 2 Division B schedule Mon, 30 May 2016 14:00
Div B 2015:

Jul 10: IL2T vs Dgedge34: 4-2
Jul 10: Sivorro vs Tyrana: 6-0
Jul 10: Megasiv vs Qorlas: 5-1
Jul 10: CMEPTb vs SuperPello: 3,5-2,5
Jul 10: benny vs lirex: 4-2
Jul 10: Tempest0 vs vigulisam: 0-6
Jul 10: dandee vs Photios: 4-2

Jul 11: IL2T vs Tyrana: 3,5-2,5
Jul 11: Dgedge34 vs Qorlas: 2-4
Jul 11: Sivorro vs SuperPello: 4-2
Jul 11: Megasiv vs lirex: 3-3
Jul 11: CMEPTb vs vigulisam: 4-2
Jul 11: benny vs Photios: 3-3
Jul 11: Tempest0 vs dandee: 1-5

Jul 12: IL2T vs Qorlas: 4-2
Jul 12: Tyrana vs SuperPello: 3-3
Jul 12: Dgedge34 vs lirex: 0,5-5,5
Jul 12: Sivorro vs vigulisam: 5-1
Jul 12: Megasiv vs Photios: 4-2
Jul 12: CMEPTb vs dandee: 2-4
Jul 12: benny vs Tempest0: 5-1

Jul 13: IL2T vs SuperPello: 2-4
Jul 13: Qorlas vs lirex: 1-5
Jul 13: Tyrana vs vigulisam: 2-4
Jul 13: Dgedge34 vs Photios: 4-2
Jul 13: Sivorro vs dandee: 4-2
Jul 13: Megasiv vs Tempest0: 3-3
Jul 13: CMEPTb vs benny: 3-3

Aug 10: IL2T vs lirex: 2-4
Aug 10: SuperPello vs vigulisam: 2-4
Aug 10: Qorlas vs Photios: 5-1
Aug 10: Tyrana vs dandee: 4-2
Aug 10: Dgedge34 vs Tempest0: 3-3
Aug 10: Sivorro vs benny: 4-2
Aug 10: Megasiv vs CMEPTb: 1-5

Aug 11: IL2T vs vigulisam: 2-4
Aug 11: lirex vs Photios: 5-1
Aug 11: SuperPello vs dandee: 0-6
Aug 11: Qorlas vs Tempest0: 6-0
Aug 11: Tyrana vs benny: 0-6
Aug 11: Dgedge34 vs CMEPTb: 2-4
Aug 11: Sivorro vs Megasiv: 5-1

Aug 11: IL2T vs Photios: 4-2
Aug 11: vigulisam vs dandee: 3-3
Aug 11: lirex vs Tempest0: 3-3
Aug 11: SuperPello vs benny: 2-4
Aug 11: Qorlas vs CMEPTb: 5-1
Aug 11: Tyrana vs Megasiv: 2-4
Aug 11: Dgedge34 vs Sivorro: 0-6

Aug 12: IL2T vs dandee: 2-4
Aug 12: Photios vs Tempest0: 3-3
Aug 12: vigulisam vs benny: 2-4
Aug 12: lirex vs CMEPTb: 2-4
Aug 12: SuperPello vs Megasiv: 3-3
Aug 12: Qorlas vs Sivorro: 2-4
Aug 12: Tyrana vs Dgedge34: 0-0

Sep 10: IL2T vs Tempest0: 3-3
Sep 10: dandee vs benny: 2-4
Sep 10: Photios vs CMEPTb: 3-3
Sep 10: vigulisam vs Megasiv: 4-2
Sep 10: lirex vs Sivorro: 2-4
Sep 10: SuperPello vs Dgedge34: 4-2
Sep 10: Qorlas vs Tyrana: 5-1

Sep 10: IL2T vs benny: 5-1
Sep 10: Tempest0 vs CMEPTb: 2-4
Sep 10: dandee vs Megasiv: 5-1
Sep 10: Photios vs Sivorro: 2-4
Sep 10: vigulisam vs Dgedge34: 3-3
Sep 10: lirex vs Tyrana: 5-1
Sep 10: SuperPello vs Qorlas: 3-3

Sep 11: IL2T vs CMEPTb: 3-3
Sep 11: benny vs Megasiv: 5-1
Sep 11: Tempest0 vs Sivorro: 2-4
Sep 11: dandee vs Dgedge34: 4-2
Sep 11: Photios vs Tyrana: 2-4
Sep 11: vigulisam vs Qorlas: 3-3
Sep 11: lirex vs SuperPello: 2-4

Sep 12: IL2T vs Megasiv: 5-1
Sep 12: CMEPTb vs Sivorro: 3-3
Sep 12: benny vs Dgedge34: 4-2
Sep 12: Tempest0 vs Tyrana: 3-3
Sep 12: dandee vs Qorlas: 4-2
Sep 12: Photios vs SuperPello: 3-3
Sep 12: vigulisam vs lirex: 5-1

Sep 13: IL2T vs Sivorro: 3-3
Sep 13: Megasiv vs Dgedge34: 3-3
Sep 13: CMEPTb vs Tyrana: 3-3
Sep 13: benny vs Qorlas: 4-2
Sep 13: Tempest0 vs SuperPello: 1-5
Sep 13: dandee vs lirex: 4-2
Sep 13: Photios vs vigulisam: 3-3
Forum: Memoir '44 Online - Français
 Topic: Etat-Major de la WOLF-44
Duncan Team du Sud
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May 2010
Re:Etat-Major de la WOLF-44 Mon, 30 May 2016 07:44
 Topic: WW-11 Rd 3 Results
Michael Wittmann

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June 2015
Re:WW-11 Rd 3 Results Mon, 30 May 2016 10:19
Merci Zivago,

Mais le plus dur reste à faire, le rester Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Je regrette de ne pas pouvoir jouer contre toi au TCOL vu le tirage au sort qui se fait affronter nos deux équipes et je te retrouverai avec plaisir sur l'Operation Bagration.

J'espère pouvoir compter sur la solidarité entre belge et d'encore beaucoup de chance contre toi.


 Topic: [WOLF-44] 5ème Bataille / Saison 3 / Scorpio
Big Taz
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January 2013
Re:[WOLF-44] 5ème Bataille / Saison 3 / Scorpio Mon, 30 May 2016 09:07
Big Taz vs Saccappus 11-12 méd 34-38 figs 3-2 objectifs

Rapport réglementaire mon AC Rolling Eyes

Bravo à Saccappus
Les pourcentages de réussite ont fait la différence de ces parties ultra-rapides et violentes Confused
Plus de 65 % pour Saccappus à l'aller
Question cartes : des problèmes dans les deux manches pour les Alliés

Bonne continuation
Toujours un plaisir de partager une partie avec toi Cool
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January 2010
Re:[WOLF-44] 5ème Bataille / Saison 3 / Scorpio Mon, 30 May 2016 11:46
plaisir partagé!
merci d'avoir renseigné les objectifs, j'avais tazé, euh zappé! Smile
 Topic: WW-11 Rd 4 Results
hilarion lefuneste
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August 2008
Re:WW-11 Rd 4 Results Mon, 30 May 2016 08:34
Eh oui, cette carte avait fait son apparition récemment... elle est intense et brutale, riche en sensations Laughing mais brève Rolling Eyes
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Re:WW-11 Rd 4 Results Mon, 30 May 2016 12:03
hilarion lefuneste écrit le Mon, 30 May 2016 08:34

Eh oui, cette carte avait fait son apparition récemment... elle est intense et brutale, riche en sensations Laughing mais brève Rolling Eyes

et très aléatoire lol
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Re:WW-11 Rd 4 Results Mon, 30 May 2016 14:03
Merci à Droopy pour ces 2 parties, bien que trop vite expédiées à mon goût. Toujours sympa de jouer ensemble.

Je confirme le score et l'importance de la main de départ sur ce scénario Rolling Eyes

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