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 Topic: USA League 2017 - Registration thread
RUS Sivorro
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Re:USA League 2017 - Registration thread Mon, 23 January 2017 00:38
Sorry, Allan. Forget about myself Smile
I posted earlier I'm signed.
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Re:USA League 2017 - Registration thread Mon, 23 January 2017 00:59
Hecki écrit le Wed, 18 January 2017 18:17

general7star schrieb am Wed, 18 January 2017 03:11

AWT allan écrit le Tue, 17 January 2017 00:37

You don't need to win 20 in a row. All you need is is a win rate of higher than 87.5% against 1400 players to grind up your ELO.

I just found a way to prove I'm better than Magnus Carlsen in chess - just play against players who have no idea about the rules of chess. Laughing IN CHESS YOU CAN ONLY PLAY PLAYERS WITH SAME ELO APPROX. SO WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS IMPOSSIBLE. #DUMB

If you have an higher rate than 87.5%, it means that you are underrated... Simply as that. Again the maths... Not so difficult you should understand...

Sorry, but I still miss an answer about 2nd accounts and leaving former tournaments. The TDs would be idiots if they allow such a player to compete here.

1) I do not have 2nd account. Some accounts pointed are my buddies and other just people I met online.
2) I left tournaments because I wasn't able to find a schedule with my oppenent. I am young, I have school and homework. Also, I'm with New York hour, so it's harder to find an appropriate hour.
3) Why TDs would be idiot? Now, I don't have the time, I know it, so I didn't sign up for USA league.

And I just won 2 matches in a row against a 1760+ top player. I am not overrated. If you to play and have fun, join me on Steam.

Cu all

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Re:USA League 2017 - Registration thread Mon, 23 January 2017 05:17
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 Topic: Scenarios with the participation of Bulgaria?
Rock Shox Lyrik

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Scenarios with the participation of Bulgaria? Mon, 23 January 2017 07:53
Can you help me, please! Does anybody know some scenarios for the Bulgarian participation in the WWII? It doesn't matter if it's official or fan made.