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 Topic: New Eurolegue Rules Evolution
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Re:New Eurolegue Rules Evolution Sat, 27 May 2017 00:06

1) Relation of Groups

a) Groups are labelled A, B, C, D1, D2
(a different format will be presented if the number of groups will be different from 5)

There will be 12 players in group A, at most 12 players in group B (can be less) while the other players will be equally divided into other groups. However, numbers can change according to number of players signed up.

b) Formation of Division A:
Players admitted to Division A:
*Top 7 signed from Division A of previous season
*Top 2 signed from Division B of previous season
*Remaining spots will be given to the players with the higher TELO still not assigned to Division A.

Players admitted to Division B:
*Top 3 signed from Division B of previous season
*Top 2 signed from Division C of previous season
*Remaining spots will be given to the players with the higher TELO still not assigned to Division B.

Other players will be placed in groups according to TELO Euro 2p as calculated after the latest release. TELO will have a weight according to the number of series played with the same formula of last season. In case of not TELO available the old DOW ranking 2p+ Euro will be used, but players with no TELO will be placed after players with TELO. The placement in Ca double group at the same level will follow the snake rule

c) Promotions:
Top 2 signed of a single level group are assured a place in the upper level. Winner of each group of a double level groups are assured a place in the upper level.

The places that will assure players to remain in the same level will be defined when the groups are published.

2) Clashes
The clashes will be played with series of 6 games.

1 point for each game win (and 0.5 for a game tie)
2 points for a series win (and 1 for a series tie)

Tiebreaker for 2 or more people is
*head-to head,
*then difference of total matches won-lost,
*then difference of games won-lost,
*then sum of points in the direct match. (to avoid the use of seedings).

4) Alternating starts
Use the "start button"! For the first game of a match start is random. In games 2-6 the start button must be used to alternate starts and let each player have 3 starts until game 6.

5) Open games
Games have to be open.

6) Scheduling and deadlines
a)The league will be played on a timeframe of 12 weeks.

b) There will be one intermediate deadline.

c) At the start of the season the TD will give out a schedule of games that HAVE to be played before the first deadline and a schedule of games that HAVE to be played before the second deadline. One player can play all the games as soon as he can but these games have to be played before their particular deadlines.
For a 12 players group a player will have 5 particular clashes that need to be played before the first deadline and other 6 particular clashes that have to be played before the second deadline. Off course if possible, he can play all the clashes before the first deadline.

*Deadlines are not meant for a generic number of clashes. YOU need to play these particular clashes before that deadline.
Schedule of the games will be given at the start of the League season. Players can play games of the last part of the season also at the start but they have to play before the end of the first part at least the games scheduled for the first part of the season.

d) TD reaction to clashes not played:
*TD will rule clashes not played at 14.00 european time of the next day of a particular deadline (to give the full days also to USA based players).
*TD will rule total wins, partial wins, double losses etc... according to his feeling about who is more at fault. In case of doubts about who is more at fault, he will rule double loss.
*TD will not contact players to help them schedule the games.
*TD will consider for the ruling only the info that reached him by PM or was posted in the forum 96 hours before the deadline time.
*Games scheduled but for every type of trouble not played in the last 96 hours will not be valued in the feeling about who was more at fault (you were too close to the deadline). Public attempts to schedule before the last 96 hours will be considered in the ruling.
*TD will post his rulings in the forum immediately after the deadline and he will not comment about them in public.
(TD will prepare the rulings before the weekend and will publish only the ones about the games not played in last weekend)

7) Etiquette
Usual rules of etiquette are to be observed. TD will give penalties or disqualifications in case of severe violations of the etiquette.
*Players have to post scheduled matches in the forum.
*Players have to report results in the forum.

8 ) Dropouts and returning players
*Players coming back after not playing a season or more will be placed according to their TELO score (see rules for placement for TELO score).
* In case of dropouts: if one player missed one match, then he will keep his ranking. If he missed more than one match he will be classified last.
The played matches will count for his opponents if he played at least 66% of the matches, otherwise all his matches will be discarded entirely. In the first case, the matches not played will be ruled by the TD that will rule them according to the info he has available.

9) Platform
Players who signed in euroleague from 2017 season have to be ready to play both platforms (java and steam). Opponents must discuss format of the clash before it happens. Variants: all on java; all on steam; 2 on java, 2 on steam then alternate; 1 on java 1 on steam then alternate; or the same options but start from steam.
Steam platform detailes: every games must be observable for all, no bot, 30 minutes timer, ranked. Players can use invitation option or create a game with password like in Java.
If one player has time out he automatically lose a game.
If one player has connection troubles and has time out by that reason he lose the game.
If one player has force majeure (f.e. blackout) he need as soon as possible contact they opponent and TD. Match has to be frozen with score as is before the current game. TD will make a decision after alalyze the situation.
All variants 2nd side need to finish the game after opponent time out.
If any bug happens during the game both sides have to make screenshots and send it to TD. They can continue match after a game with bug. TD will make a decision after alalyze the situation.

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