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 Topic: Scoring in local game Germany incorrect
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January 2019
Re:Scoring in local game Germany incorrect Fri, 18 January 2019 01:22
I have also had this issue -- I didn't realize it was not my error until playing the online as well - it was a ranked game so I was VERY aware of what routes I choose, etc., and completed them all! I then was assigned completely random routes during scoring and lost (obviously). When I posted on the chat room if anyone had experienced issues with a game where the routes didn't compute correctly and the it didn't recognize when I completed a route, 5 people immediately asked "Was it Germany?" "Germany is known not to work - do not play Germany."

Im disappointed because I just purchased this map and I don't understand how everyone knows it's broken and nothing has been escalated. There are only 4 posts in this one ticket - Scoring in local game Germany incorrect" yet there probably are countless tickets about Germany if you would collate them.
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 Topic: Tournoi Ladder sur Vassal
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Re:Tournoi Ladder sur Vassal Fri, 18 January 2019 08:30
Bonjour messieurs.

Si vous montez sur la Ladder, nous utiliserons la magie pour que vous puissiez voir le scénario. Very Happy Ne vous inquiétez pas.

Ryo, c'est bon de te voir ici.