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Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
RUS Sivorro
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April 2014
Re:MULTI PLAYER USA CHAMPIONSHIP Sat, 03 December 2016 01:20
I posted current year format first.
Have not much time to correct last year rules.
If anyone wants - welcome.
 Topic: MPWC Group B
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November 2013
Re:MPWC Group B Sat, 03 December 2016 08:51
5,7,12,14 is unavailable for me. Sad
All other days is available.

And i prefer finish before 22:00 CET during weekday (except friday).

 Topic: MPWC Group E
VojFromMars - Bandol
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January 2016
Re:MPWC Group E Sat, 03 December 2016 13:03
Hello everyone,

first my apologies for this very late answer, I completley forgot I was registered for this one. Thanks knockando for directly contacting me as I was a bit away from TTR.

Sadly for tomorrow I can't give guarantees. I'll be playing team chess in Montpellier. Games are usually over by 7, sometimes before. We need a two hour drive back. I might be able to play at 20:00 but also might not be back home until 21:15... Usually I'm at home around 20:30 so if you people don't mind waiting a bit in worst case.

Otherwise I'd able to play :
- monday at 18:00 and later
- tuesday at 21:00 and later
- wednesday at 18:00 and later
- saturday at 18:00 and later
- next sunday anytime

Hope anything works. If you all want to play tomorrow, I can send an email to knockando when I leave Montpellier so he can keep you in touch.

Once again my apologies for this very late answer...