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 Topic: NC 2016 - Group B
TIC wasdenn
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Re:NC 2016 - Group B Fri, 30 September 2016 00:56
   UEG - TIC

Goscha vs wd


Good Games (except the first from my side)

We both liked the 5th best Smile

Danke Goscha, und alles Gute

RUST Olle Boll
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Re:NC 2016 - Group B Fri, 30 September 2016 07:12
menno - Olle Boll
Sunday 1st 2100
 Topic: NC 2016 - Group A
OmG Schaffnerlos
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Re:NC 2016 - Group A Fri, 30 September 2016 00:51
OmG vs ITA

OmG Schaffnerlos vs ITA LOCA 3:3

108* : 117
Start for me and nice tics (HEL-LA + DUL-ELP, MON-ATL discarded) ... but only 2 blacks ... had to spend 4 Locos (of 7) to start with 6 blacks, 4 green and 6 orange on grey, he played 6 orange/purple/yellow ... phew. He had to slow down (2/1/2/1) to connect Por and Nash and i decided to play 4 blue to WIN and a loup in the southwest (white/yellow/red/purple). His tics were clear as he played 5 blue and 6 red (POR-NAS + TOR-MIA). I ended and would win by 1 if he has 4 green instead of 5 in his last move ... Lorenzo had 5 Shocked so i had to draw (crap = NY-ATL) and lost by 9.
Perhaps it would have been better for me to go via 6 white instead of 4 blue in the north (more trackpoints).

105 : 102*
VAN-MON and POR-PHO in hand (LA-MIA discarded), quite nice colours but only 2 Locos in hand i played 6 orange, he 6 blue on grey. 6 purple by me were followed by 5 black by Lorenzo. I connected Mon with 3 grey and saved VAN and POR (maybe he didn't like that), he went to NY, played 6 white, 6 yellow and 4 red to SEA ... okok Rolling Eyes ...
I went to PHO via 4 green, 5 white, 3 to ELP and 5 yellow. He conected LA via SLC and LV, had longest and i though i have to draw in last turn (found again crap = NY-ATL) and was very surprised that he missed POR-NAS as his second tic wit LA-NY.

121* : 112
Again VAN-MON and MON-NO on my side (DUL-HOU discarded). My opponent started with 6 black (liked it) and 5 yellow. I could play my combo save and prevent Lorenzo (LA-MIA and TOR-MIA) from getting longest.

83 : 78*
SEA-NY and CAL-PHO (CHI-SFE discarded) ... no complaints about tics. LOCA started with 6 yellow and 6 white. i played 6 orange and 4 yellow at SEA. He 4 orange at CAL (what a surprise) , me 1 to POR and 6 blue. Lorenzo blocked my way to the east at SLC, so i had to forget my big tic (and longest) and concentrate on connecting PHO and collecting trackpoints (5 green, 5 white, 5 black and 6 red). Lucky me - Lorenzo missed both tics (NY-ATL and POR-NAS).

110* : 131
This time with CAL-SLC and SF-ATL in hand (DAL-NY discarded) i missed to get longest and he won having LA-CHI and CAL-PHO.

104 : 105*
East Tics without start ... MON-NO and SSM-NAS ... not the way i like it ...
Lorenzo started with 6 orange, 5 black, 2 to SSM and 6 white ... i played 6 green on grey, 3 grey to MON and 6 purple with all my Locos (4). As he played 2/2/2 from NY to ATL i felt quite comfortable as he could no longer get longest and my colours were ok. But at the end LOCA could throw 5 yellow and had BOS-MIA and NY-ATL fulfilled ... and therefore won by 1. Dead

Thx for the games Lorenzo and good luck for the rest of the tournament!

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Sysyphus - Pommard
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Re:NC 2016 - Group A Fri, 30 September 2016 05:35
spugna vs Sysy

In German, French, Italian or English...

Sunday 02.10, 18.00 CEST
ZiL - Bergerac
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Re:NC 2016 - Group A Fri, 30 September 2016 11:27
LMAA - Champ
brainaid vs ZiL
Monday oct 3rd, 21.00 CEST