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 Topic: Multiplayer Woes
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November 2015
  Multiplayer Woes Sat, 27 August 2016 01:04
I am writing here because I haven't received a response to a ticket submission, and I even wrote in to check the status and still received no response.

I play online with friends, as most of my gameplay. There is a serious bug somewhere in the invite system that has not been fixed. One of us will initiate a game - often there are three of us in total. Sometimes both players on the receiving end of the invite will not get it. Looking at the Resume section, no invites show up in the app, yet the person who initiated the game will clearly still have a pending invite on their device showing both usernames of the other players as pending.

Other times, one opponent will and another will not get the invite. Sometimes it takes 2, 3, or even more attempts before we can get an invite to work for everyone and can proceed with gameplay. So far I haven't noticed a pattern to what causes this to work or not. The only thing I do know, is that if when we don't get an invite notification it doesn't show up in the game. If we get a notification, we will also be able to see it in the game.

We are all using iOS and prior to the game refresh we never had any problems creating games, so I believe this is something that was introduced with the new online system.

I'd be happy to provide Game ID(s) in progress that are "lost in space" or test or try anything else of any kind that would help in crushing this bug.

It results in us not being able to play half of the time, and quite frankly we haven't purchased any more maps since we've been unable to reliably make use of the ones we have.

I'd be curious if others have this problem, too.
 Topic: Time for move
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August 2016
Time for move Sat, 27 August 2016 20:18

Even when the limit of time for all your moves it's good enough, it's needed some more limit to don't spend all your time in one move, there is so many kids who join game and make all us waiting 15 mins without even move.

Everything else it's really amazing.