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 Topic: First game AAR...
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August 2005
  First game AAR... Tue, 16 August 2005 00:11
Last Tuesday my gaming buddies and I finished our first game of SoC, and boy! Was it a doozie! One of the best time I've had playing a board game in a long while! After Action Report follows:


Arthur summoned what was left of his Knights to the round table, with the grave news that Merlin sensed a shadow rising over Camelot. With the ranks of Knights of Camelot diminished, we four knights; Sir Galahad, Sir Gawain, Sir Percival, and Sir Palomedes, were all that stood between Camelot and eternal darkness. It fell to us to go questing for the lost swords of our fallen brethren and return them to Camelot, before the siege engines of the Saxons and Picts reduced the walls to rubble.

From early in our quests we were surviving from turn-to-turn...the siege engines soon were stacked around Camelot, and we always seemed to be one bad turn of luck away from losing. Sir Galahad, Sir Gawain, and Sir Percival were all battling siege engines, which does not move us forward, but keep us from losing outright. To be sure, we did have our victories...we had completed the Grail Quest and Excalibur Quests, with Sir Galahad retrieving both of those holy artifacts. I (Sir Palomedes) was challenging the Black Knight and thanks to he Heroism of Sir Galahad I was able to place two more recovered White Swords back on the Round Table, bring the total swords recovered to seven blesses swords, four tainted swords. All knights at this point were hovering on the edge of death, and the grail had been lost previously when Galahad had failed a quest, thus necessitating his use of it to save his life. Then Galahad challenged a siege engine and lost, thus ending his life and losing Excalibur to us!

Merlin was nowhere to be found, and we had no choice but to struggle onward against the tide of siege engines. The Saxons were about to overwhelm our forces and lay a final siege engine that would destroy the walls of Camelot forever. All looked lost.

Then, Percival, in a brilliant tactical move, said to the remaining Knights, "Let the Saxons come. The walls may fall, but the Round Table will endure! That is our only chance!"

Gawain looked over his options, and in true knightly fashion sacrificed his life to stem another advance of evil. Percival looked to me, and said "It all comes to this" as reinforcements for the Dragon arrived. Which, believe it or not, was a blessing. Sir Percival, as his action, used a blessing from above to look into the future and help guide my actions for the future. I then stepped back and allowed the final craft of Saxons to land on our shores, bringing the last siege engine to play, but by that time it was too late for the forces of evil, for the last sword was delivered to Camelot, and tainted though that sword was, the forces of good were shown to be the stronger overall!

Camelot was saved, but only by the sacrifices of two brave souls.

OK, the ending there may not make much sense, but in a nutshell, during Percival's turn, he used a clairvoyance card to re-arrange the top five cards of the black deck prior to my turn. Then, on my turn, I took the top card, which allowed me to play a figure on either the Saxons or the Picts. I chose the saxons, which gave them their fourth figure, and lost the quest. This gave us two black swords (thanks to the mists of Avalon card) and another siege engine, in that order. However, if we interpreted this correctly, the rules say that as soon as the final sword is placed on the round table, the game ends and if there are more white than black swords, the forces of good wins the game. The game was a nail-biter for about the last half hour, with us always being just about the lose the game. That's the way I like my games! Going to try the next one with a traitor, now that we know what we are doing!

[EDIT: Crud. I just saw a clarification from Bruno where if the Sword and Catapult come simultaneously, we would have lost. Now, how to break the news to my fellow knights...]

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 Topic: New boardgame club
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May 2007
New boardgame club Mon, 28 May 2007 05:42
Well, not really new. Just new to DoW. Check out the Arlington Heights boardgame club at


We play all sorts of games but I am hooked on Shadows Over Camelot and Cleopatra and looking for experienced players. On the web page, click the About Us link for directions and general information on the club.
 Topic: Merlin's Company
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August 2004
Merlin's Company Mon, 11 February 2008 20:03
There's an article on the Board Game Geek about the expansion for Shadows Over Camelot. Smile Apparently, it's on display at Nuremburg and is titled "Merlin's Company". Shocked So far no other information. Crying or Very Sad

 Topic: First Victory
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First Victory Sat, 08 March 2008 18:14
Started a neighborhood board game group and while others played Ticket to Ride, 5 of us(including 2 fairly young children) played SOC.
I had drawn the traitor card which made it difficult as I was also coaching the group. Probably did not matter as I had such bad card draws anyway and one of the other players kept adding seige engines instead of black cards.
The game played out beautifully and built to a very tense climax with the knights winning after everyone but two knights sacrificed themselves to allow finishing the final quest with a heroism card on it to gain the two swords needed for victory. The special black card awarding an additional black sword for a failed quest(?Mist of Avalon)was on the table and made the end game very exciting.
I think everyone really enjoyed it.

The Ticket to Ride Players also had fun. I have Memoir'44 coming next week and can't wait to see it.
 Topic: Some selling the free Bonus cards separately

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November 2011
Some selling the free Bonus cards separately Sat, 10 November 2012 01:04
Beware when ordering the SOC Card Game. You may not get the 2 "free" bonus cards with your order/purchase from some vendors. I noticed some sites are listing/selling the free bonus cards separately.

Reference regarding the cards being free:
http://blog.daysofwonder.com/2012/10/04/two-bonus-cards-for- shadows-over-camelot-the-card-game

[Updated on: Sat, 10 November 2012 12:35]