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Forum: Cleopatra and the Society of Architects - English
 Topic: Welcome!
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  Welcome! Thu, 16 March 2006 18:27
Welcome to Cleopatra and the Society of Architects forum!

In this forum, you will be able to discuss about the game.

Have fun!

The Days of Wonder Team

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 Topic: Me want! Ugh!
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February 2006
  Me want! Ugh! Wed, 31 May 2006 02:50
I just had the pleasure of playing a few games of Cleopatra at KublaCon over memorial day weekend, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it... even if I got fed to the crocodiles at the end of my first game. At least I wasn't the only one, as I tied with another player for corruption. Hehe. I really like how one has to balance one's level of corruption with one's level of wealth. It's certainly not that easy of a matter.

That said, I would have loved to have bought the game at the convention, but alas! it wasn't meant to be, quite yet. Sad Ah well. I shall have to bide my time until mid-June then. At least I got TTR Maerklin as a consolation purchase. Smile

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 Topic: Great Game
Sgt Storm
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Great Game Mon, 26 October 2009 17:24
Even though it is out of print, I just bought this game (at a bargain price too) and my family and I played it this weekend. This game was a lot of fun.

We had two children 8 and 6 playing also and they did pretty good (with a bit of help from us). The 8 year old won the game.

Every DOW game I have purchased is top-notch! (I have all the big ones except Colosseum).

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 Topic: it's now available on the EURO store
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it's now available on the EURO store Sun, 19 June 2011 22:30
Just ordered the game

It's available on the Euro site but appears to be sold out on the US site.

I've thought about buying it for a while and i recently watched on BGG's site a Scott Nicholson video explaining the rules & layout

This was very informative and persuaded me to buy the game.