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 Topic: The Contest of the Fourteen - Start campaigning with new avatars
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The Contest of the Fourteen - Start campaigning with new avatars Mon, 26 January 2009 17:30
We just uploaded an avatar for each race of Small World

If you already have picked your Race of choice and want to campaign for it, head to your account's page and go ahead for your new avatar...

The DoW Team

 Topic: New web site and preorders!
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  New web site and preorders! Thu, 12 March 2009 18:33

- Gimme the rules! Gimme the rules!
- Stop hitting me! They're on The official web site !

Book your copy on our online store!

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 Topic: Rules Clarifiation Compendium

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Rules Clarifiation Compendium Thu, 07 May 2009 02:04
A helpful fellow on the Board Game Geek forums compiled all of the various rules clarifications that he could find. Here's the link to the thread:


and here's the full text of what he wrote. The original version had a lot of stuff in bold/underlined, which made reading it easier; but I really don't have the patience to go through the whole document and fix that up Razz As far as I can tell this is all accurate (please post if you see any errors):


Enemy Losses
Q: Is there an order in which the tokens you lose from battles are redeployed at the end of the current players turn ? (in the case of multiple players having to redeploy tokens)
A: Go in clockwise (player) order, from the active player on, if need be

All active units destroyed
If all your active units are destroyed in one turn you may:
1) Score points only with the in-decline race.
or 2) Go into decline and score 0 for that turn.
You may not take a new combo this turn

Abandoning a region
You must leave at least one race token in each region conquered at the end of your turn, except for the amazons. In this case you must take off four race tokens sometimes abandoning regions you've just conquered.

Non-Conquest Unit Placement
Q: Do I have the ability the place tokens in my occupied territories without failing a reinforcement roll?
A: Yes absolutely.

Q: Do Bivouacs count towards the tie breaker?
A: No, they don't count toward the tie-break (they are race tokens for defense purposes, not for all purposes; just like the +4 Amazons would not count toward the tie-break).

3P Board
On the south border, the right hand mountain is adjacent to the forest region.



The Amazons ability text should read: "So you start your initial turn with 10 Amazon tokens (plus any additional ones that may be granted to you by the Special Power associated with the Amazons, depending on your combo)."

To clarify future turns, you pick up your Amazons from the board, add 4 more, and then before the end of your turn, set 4 aside again.

The elves ability text reads:
"keep all your Elf tokens in hand for redeployment at the end of your turn"
But should read:
"keep all your Elf tokens in hand for redeployment at the end of the current player's turn"
As clarified by the Enemy Losses & Withdrawls section:
"Keep the other Race tokens in hand, and redeploy them
in any other Region(s) still occupied by his race (if any) as
the final action of the current player's turn."

Elves vs Sorcerer
When the sorcerers substitute an elf token:
The two tokens are switched, with the Elven token going back into the tray. This is the only way for Elves to lose tokens.

With non-spirit Ghouls in decline and Elves as the active race.
If Elves are put into decline, the following sequence is used;
1. Send Elves into decline (Removing all Ghouls from the board)
2. Score VPs for Elves
That's because there is only an attack phase (including an attack phase for your in-decline Ghouls) in a turn if that turn is spent expanding, not going into decline with a race (your Elves, here).

Ghouls in-decline
Q: Can in-decline Ghouls re-deploy before the active race tokens commence the "Ready your Troops" phase?
A: Yes.
Q: Do the conquests for both in-decline Ghouls and the active race end when the reinforcement die is used for the in-decline Ghouls?
A: No, you play your in-decline Ghouls (including their last conquest with a reinforcement die roll, if any), then you play your active race (who may also have a reinforcement roll as part of their last conquest).

Q: What happens to race tokens returned to your hand after being attacked by the in-decline Ghouls?
A: The tokens are redeployed at the end of the current player's turn.

Ghouls with Spirit
Q: Can in-decline Spirit Ghouls re-enter the board into new regions?
A: Yes, because they behave like an active race. This is true for Spirit Ghouls as well.

Ghouls with Seafaring
In-decline Seafaring Ghouls cannot continue to conquer new lakes and seas.

Ghouls with Fortified
In-decline fortified Ghouls cannot continue to place forts.

Holes-in-the-ground can only be placed in the first two regions you conquer, not on regions obtained during later conquest. So if you abandon these regions, the Holes-in-the-ground disappear for good.
They cannot be re-used if the Halflings are forced to re-enter the map.

Q: Can Sorcerers use their Ability after placing all their units?
A: It depends what you mean. The Sorcerers cannot use their Ability after doing a final conquest for the turn using the Reinforcement die roll. But they can use their ability otherwise.

In order to use their token substitution power, the Sorcerers must still be able to conquer the region they target. Since only seafaring races can conquer Lakes & Seas, a (non-seafaring) sorcerer would not be able to conquer a Lake or Sea occupied by another (seafaring) token.

"Once per turn and per opponent" does mean "once per opponent per turn"

The Sorcerer's power can not be used on the Lost Tribe tokens.

Unofficial recommendation to modify the Sorcerers rule text:
Once opponent during each turn, your Sorcerers can conquer a Region by substituting one of your opponent's Active tokens with one of your own taken from the storage tray. If there are no more tokens in the storage tray, then you cannot conquer a new Region in this way. The token your Sorcerers replaces must be the only race token in its Region (A single Troll token with its Troll's Lair is considered alone for this purpose; likewise for a Race token in a Fortress or on a Mountain, these markers provide no protection to a lone Race token) and that Region must be one the Sorcerers could conquer normally if they had sufficient tokens. Place the substituted opponent's Race token back into the storage tray (disregarding any power that would normally affect the conquered token).

Sorcerers with Flying
Q: Can the Flying Sorcerers use their power in any region with a single opposing unit (no encampment, no sea or lake)? Or, does it still need to be an adjascent region?
A: Flying Sorcerers can use their power in any region except seas, lakes, those with encampments, Heroes, a Dragon, holes in the ground, contains a lost-tribe race token or an oponent's in decline race token.

Q: Can the Flying Sorcerer use his power for the first conquest when entering the board for the first time?
A: Yes.

Sorcerer vs Diplomat
The Sorcerer's substition power is an attack, so you couldn't use it against a Diplomat who picked you as his friend.

Tritons with Seafaring
Q: Do Seafaring Tritans receive a discount towards conquering the water Regions?
A: No, the water Regions are not adjacent to water, and they receive no discount. The Tritons only get an attack discount on coastal regions, not the water regions themselves.


Special Powers

You may roll the die *once* per attack. First, you roll the die.
Then, you choose an adjacent territory. Then, you deploy your tokens.

About the final roll, there is a very important sentence in the rulebook, in the "Berserk" section:
"If you do not have enough tokens left, this is your final conquest attempt for the turn."
This sentence means that there is no "end-turn" die.
For each conquest, you roll the die and select your region: if you do not have enough tokens left, then your turn is over. You are not allowed to re-roll the die.

Camps protect a single unit from the sorcerer's power.

Q: What exactly does "encampments are never lost during an attack" mean? That the one with the bivouacking skill is able to take it back in their hand right away? To immediately redeploy? Or to do so on their next turn?
A: Since they count 'as race tokens', if a region with the encampment tokens is captured, they're pulled back to the player's hand and redeployed during the cleanup phase of the attacker's turn.

English rules should read: You may conquer any adjacent Region with 1 less Race token than normal. A minimum of 1 token is still required.
Therefor, when your active tokens are not on the board, for the first conquest, you do get the Commando bonus.

Q: Can a Flying race conquer a lake?
A: No. The English rules should read: ".. Seas and Lakes."

If you have the Flying special power, you may use it to enter the board through a non border territory.

Clarification of "leave" vs "abandon"
In fact, leave refers to the turn where you are entering in decline.
You should understand the following:"The Fortress also augments your Region's defense by 1 (just as if you had an additional Race token stationed there), even if you are entering or are in decline.

In-decline races cannot continue to place fortifications.

Q: Do Heroic Heroes need to be moved every turn?
A: There is no need to move them from one turn to the next.

Since only seafaring races can conquer Lakes & Seas, a (non-seafaring) race would not be able to conquer a Lake or Sea occupied by another (seafaring) token.

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 Topic: Makeing the Lost tribes a custom race?
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Makeing the Lost tribes a custom race? Thu, 07 May 2009 23:44
Anyone have any ideas for useing the Lost tribe tokens as a custom race?

The main problem is that both sides of the tokens are in decline.

Maybe you mark the banner when you decline the already in decline race.

Or remove it instead of an already in declince race you control?

As far as starting tokens I was thinking 0 (basicly you only get tokens based on ability PLUS:

Their natural ability is you automatically control the lost tribe tokens already on the board (assumeing any). This is ofset by the minimal starting tokens.

In addition to that if there are no Lost tokens already in play you get either + 1 gold and/or require one less unit to attack any square where the Lost markers are (the markers that show where to place them when placeing the map).

I have not counted out to see how many of those spots are on each map I am guessing its more then forest, hills, mines, and any other "bonus" spot. If it seems like an unfair advantage maybe you only get +1 gold for every 2 you control?

Also maybe you only get the +1 bonus if you would not normally get a bonus coin for controling that area.
For example Forest Lost would only get +1 even if the forest spot was also a Lost spot.

Its a work in progress.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
 Topic: The right Race at the right time...when to pick what
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  The right Race at the right time...when to pick what Thu, 21 May 2009 17:19

After playing the game a number of times i noticed a few facts regarding when certain races should be chosen.

Please add your own ideas as well.

For starters lets look at a 2-player game.

If you win first pick, its a pro and a con.
Pro, you get first choice of race.
Con, your opponent will have the opportunity to attack first.

What does this mean? Think defense.
If you play first, pick a team with staying power.
Good choics are:

1) Elves, if opponent attacks you will not lose any tokens.
2) Trolls, the extra defense will make it harder to take you out.
3) Halflings, take a hit of only having 2 regions on your first turn and hide in the hole in the grounds, until next turn.

Alternatively, base your choice on the attached ability,

1) Bivouacking, lets you build a tough defense to over-come
2) Heroic, same gameplan as choosing Halflings,heroic halflings works even better!
3) Stout, Take as much land as you can, decline and come in with fresh race next turn.

If you play second, its the opposite, conquer as much of your opponent as you can! force them to lose pieces and waste a turn declining. What you choose here depends on how your opponent played his turn.

Good race choices for playing second are:

1) Tritons, -1 attack token against shores, good choice if your opponennt comes in next to water.
2) Giants, -1 attack token against regions adjacent to mountains, good choice if your opponennt comes in next to Mountains.
3) Skeletons, use this chance to kill your enemy AND build your army! Good choice if you opponent has spread his forces out thin.
4) Ratmen, more tokens, more conquering, good choice if their attached ability is useful.

Good abilty choices:
1) Commando, -1 race token for conquering, nuff said
2) Mounted, -1 race token for conquering fields/hills
3) Flying, allows you to pick off weak forces behind the fron tlines
4) Pillaging, if your conquering, might as well get paid for it.

As for games of 3,4,or 5
Things are not as simple as you have more than one person to worry about.
This is also when Sorcerers become a good choice, more conversions allowed per turn.
So, here is a break down of when races are best chosen, early, mid, or late game. (by my opinion)

1) Trolls, Come in and take as many regions as possible(mountains if possible) and decline. Layers stay while in decline.
2) Skeletons, kill all the easy tribes you can to build your ranks. Then go after the opponents
3) Ghouls, Come in, decline and keep attacking
4) Dwarves, Grab the Mines, and decline
5) Halflings, Come in use your holes in the ground to blockade a front line, then grab all the land behind it.
6) Giants, come in and spread out quickly from mountains
7) Tritons, come in and grab the shore lines for 1 token each.

1) Sorcerers, start weeding off those 1 token regions your opponents have left
2) Humans, use your declined race as a shield and start grabbing +1 regions behind them.
3) Wizards, (see humans above)
4) Ratmen, come in behind enemy lines and pick off their weak regions, with your superior numbers.
5) Orcs, pick off the weak regions and get paid
6) Elves, get a good foothold with your declined race, and protect them with indestructible elves

1) Amazons, spread out fast leaving just 1 token per region, knowing there are not enough turns left for your enemies to wipe out all your regions.

Please add your input !

 Topic: A beginners human variant
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A beginners human variant Sun, 16 August 2009 21:56
I just got this splendid game, it is so much fun to play and the fantasy-setting is really nice. The fast changes between all different races got me a bit overwhelmed though. I would like to take things a bit slower, so everyone gets which areas are the most valuable.

I have tried to play some games where everyone is human. Everyone understand that it is the cities and farmlands that is worth most and that swamps and forests are worth less. that the mountains works as fortresses is also easy to imagine.

The game plays rather alike a normal game, although everybody aims for the same areas-they are distributed on the map so there is enough room for all players to get there own corner of the world.

The modification is:
*Take away the race-banners from the column of choices but leave the special powers to chose from in ordinary fashion. (You can keep the human race banner at the bottom as a reminder on the value and the race power. )

*Every player uses two two sets of race tokens. One set for the active and on set for the declined.

I don't think this will make a better game, this is just to make things a bit easier for beginners. It will be a good "expansion" later on to introduce the different races.

[Updated on: Tue, 18 August 2009 18:16]

 Topic: Smallworld video
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Smallworld video Thu, 15 October 2009 15:33
Hi guys, this is my first message and, first of all, sorry for my english.
I'm italian and I LOVE Smallworld, great game! Me and my friends are waiting for expansions

Well, yesterday we played a 3 players game and I take some picture.

Now I have upload a simple stop-motion video on youtube with the game

Comments in the video are in Italian, sorry


enjoy Rolling Eyes
 Topic: Design Contest Expansions available for preorder
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  Design Contest Expansions available for preorder Mon, 19 October 2009 14:38
http://blog.daysofwonder.com/wp-content/dow-uploads/2009/10/packwb-dames-en.jpg http://blog.daysofwonder.com/wp-content/dow-uploads/2009/10/packwb-maudit-en.jpg

To learn more about it, head to the announcement post on our blog or on the expansions page on Small World website.
 Topic: essen 09 promo

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essen 09 promo Sat, 24 October 2009 23:01
i was on essen today an got the promo expansion and wow so much tabbeles for smallword + the new expansions.

but sadly is that a dow promo an so it is rare. and you got if only if you buy the expansion.
 Topic: players in Catania - giocatori a catania
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players in Catania - giocatori a catania Thu, 26 November 2009 18:28
You have found a group of Smallworld players in Catania
come to play with us!

Hai trovato un gruppo di giocatori di Smallworld a Catania
vieni a trovarci
 Topic: Savage Tribes
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Savage Tribes Wed, 30 December 2009 05:30
Note: I've reposted this from my thread on BGG (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/4412822)as I wanted to get it out there to more eyes for more comments.

As they are now, the Lost Tribes serve as little more than road bumps, which is ok but it might be nice to spice them up some. This could serve especially well to add a little something to 2 player games.

To this end, I have created a game variant myself using the Lost Tribes as a more active threat...

Savage Tribes
The number of Lost Tribe tokens (henceforth called Savage Tribes) added to the marked tribe areas is now equal to 1 + the roll of a reinforcement die.

Savage Tribes are happy where they live but don't like outsiders. They will not attempt to expand but they will attack any and all active races adjacent to their region; they ignore all in decline races (except for Ghouls).

Savage Tribe Attack Phase
All attacks by the Savage Tribes are handled at the end of each round once all players have had their turns. Savage Tribe attacks are handled differently than normal conquests:
  • Each region with an active race which is adjacent to a Savage Tribe is attacked once and only once by the largest adjacent Savage Tribe "stack"
  • Savage Tribes do not occupy land if they succeed in an attack. They always remain where they were.
  • Savage Tribes are considered Berserk and this roll a reinforcement die for every attack.

Example of play of the Savage Tribe Attack Phase:
The Orcs and Elves come in and conquer a couple Savage Tribe lands however they don't have the troop strength left to take out the remaining two nearby regions. One of the regions holds 1 Tribe token and the other holds 2 Tribe tokens.

It's the end of the round and the Savage Tribes attack! One of the Orc's regions (forest with 2 orcs) borders both Savage Tribe regions, another region (swamp with 2 orcs) borders only the region with a single token, and another region by another player (field with 1 Elf) also borders the region with the single token.

First, the forest area is attacked by the 2 token Tribe: the reinforcement die is rolled and it comes up blank, so the Orcs are safe. Secondly, the swamp area is attacked by the 1 token Tribe: this time the reinforcement die rolls a 3, totaling 4. The Orcs loose there hold on this region, one Orc returns to the box and the other is redeployed. Thirdly the field area with the Elf is attacked by the 1 token Tribe: this time the roll comes up 1, totalling 2 which is not enough to take out the Elf.

Conquering Savage Tribe Regions
When a Savage Tribe is conquered, one tribe token is removed to the box and any remaining tribe tokens are immediately moved to an adjacent empty region. If there is no empty region, they will join an adjacent Savage Tribe region. If the conquered Savage Tribe is completely surrounded on all sides by active and in decline races, then all the conquered Tribe tokens are removed from the game.

Optional Rules
  • Any races that vanish, due to a race in decline being replaced by another race which has become in decline, automatically become Savage Tribe tokens. These tokens are not controlled by the player whose race they once were, and thus choosing to decline twice can come to bite you in the back.
  • Instead of being vanquished upon conquest if they are surrounded, they automatically attempt to conquer the weakest adjacent active race.
  • See Wendell's ideas here on BGG: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/435362/lets-pimp-out-the -lost-tribes


I have yet to playtest any of this outside that module in my head which has an unnatural desire for creating house rules. Once I do get a chance to playtest it, I'll let report back here with the results. In any case, please tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions---especially if you test it.
 Topic: Any Clues about the New Expansion?
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Any Clues about the New Expansion? Thu, 01 April 2010 00:48
Hi everyone,

Small World quickly became one of the most fun and interesting group games that I own and I've enjoyed playing it since it came out! I own the small expansions that came out a little while ago and I really like having the additional races to choose from and the special powers. Having more options makes it so that we never cycle through all of them in one game, which I like.

For a while I thought the "Leaders" expansion was the big expansion that changed the game so much(I think that's what it was called. It's the one that allows you to add an extra token to your forces but pay a ransom if you loose it). I've since discovered that the big expansion is still coming out!

All of that to say, "Has anyone heard anything about the big expansion for Small World? Any idea what it's about or how it changes the game?" I'm really looking forward to seeing this expansion because it's such a fun game! Very Happy

[Updated on: Thu, 01 April 2010 04:33]

 Topic: 3 Original ways to play SW!
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3 Original ways to play SW! Thu, 06 May 2010 21:59
So, my friends and I got a little bored after playing more than 100 times (with the expansions).

So we thought about a new way to play, and we wanted to share it with you guys. We found it very fun and strategic.

1st Original way to play SW:

a. Remove the "Cursed" Special Power, if you're using it.
b. Devide the Races and Special Powers by the number of players (without looking) so that each player gets to keep (without showing to other players) the same number of Races and SP. Now every player got stack of Races and SPs that only he can see.
c. Any extra Race or SP are removed from play in a place where everybody can see.
d. The game goes the same way as a normal game, BUT, Every time you want to enter with a new race, you CHOOSE which Race and SP to COMBINE and enter with them.
You can combine any Race and SP you want with no order and play with them
e. When your declined Race and SP got no tokens left on the game board, remove them from play. You're not getting them back.

This game has a lot of declines, so be ready.
Also, you may want to remove the Skeletons... >,>
(Or do what we do - when someone takes the Skeletons every player does nothing except attacking him. That way no one takes them... XD)
Oh, and Players do not start with 5 points in this game, it's kinda useless since you wont pay for Races anyway.

2nd Original way to play SW:

In case you didn't like the first one, this one might be a little more strategic.

The game works the same way as a normal game,
Every time a player chooses a Race to enter the game, the player BEFORE him chooses a race for him.
The player BEFORE will also pay any points to get any "worse" Race for the active player.
Also, if there are any points on that Race already, the active player earns them, not the "before" player.

This type of game is really fun. You try to give other players the worse Races, and keep the good ones to yourself, but it's a lot harder than it seems.

Declines work the same way, everything works the same way, only the player before you chooses your race when you need to enter with one during the game.

3rd Original way to play SW:

If you liked the first and second ones, you really gonna like this one!
It combines them!

Not only you get a random set of Races and SPs that only you can see (remove the "Cursed" SP), you CHOOSE which to combine and give the player after you when he enters the game!

This game is so much fun you'll just hate yourself for making stupid mistakes...
Someone from our team gave another Marchant Elves because he thought he will decline fast, but he won with that getting 12-14 points every turn for the last 3 turns!

So, think twice, is the Race and SP you give are really as bad as you think? ^,~

Any comments please?
Try these games and write what do you think of them.

Thanks everyone! Best game ever!

[Updated on: Thu, 06 May 2010 22:30]

 Topic: Re-write your Small World History with Tales & Legends!
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Re-write your Small World History with Tales & Legends! Mon, 17 May 2010 15:08
Will you end up drinking the Philter of Forgetfulness, be flung from the Great Catapult, or even have a chance to seduce the White Queen?

Thanks to this new expansion for Small World, the wise veterans of the game now have a chance to re-write History...


Tales & Legends introduces 54 new Event cards that change the storyline of each turn during the game. Some events may have small consequences, while others are nearly cataclysmic in their impact.


At the start of each turn (except the first) a new event card is drawn and put into play. The next Upcoming Event is also visible, so players know what faces them on the next turn.

This expansion was created by Laurent Verrier, Special Prize Winner of the Small World Design Contest. Philippe Keyaerts, the original game's author, provided additional development assistance.

This expansion requires a copy of the original Small World board game and is expected to be available in late June or early July at better game stores around the world. The suggested price is $15/¤12.

You can pre-order your copy of Small World - Tales & Legends right now from the Days of Wonder webstore...

[Updated on: Mon, 17 May 2010 17:24]

 Topic: The return of Grand Dames and Cursed!
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The return of Grand Dames and Cursed! Mon, 17 May 2010 15:14
The English version of the first two expansions of Small World (Grand Dames of Small World and Cursed!) are currently being reprinted and will be available again at the same time as Tales and Legends in late June or early July...

So if you missed them the first time, here is the opportunity for you to finally put a hand on them... They are available for preorder in our webstore right now!

 Topic: What combo happens the most?
Drunken Dwarf 12
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May 2010
What combo happens the most? Tue, 25 May 2010 18:10
Some combos happen more than others the one that has happened to me the most is flying hobbits.
 Topic: New Race: The Forgotten Tribe!
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New Race: The Forgotten Tribe! Tue, 20 July 2010 07:53
You start with X + Y tokens, where X is whatever the power side would give you and Y is whatever forgotten tribe tokens are on the board. However, there is also a hard ceiling that you cannot start with more tokens than are available in the game. So in a 5 player game you might not get any extra forgotten tribe tokens than are on the board unless some have died before you bought the race (although one of the expansion sets does add a forgotten tribe token, so that raises the hard ceiling by one).

So if you had Commando-Forgotten Tribes, you would get 4 tokens plus what is on the board, if there are 4 tokens in the tray to take).

The extra tokens can either start from an edge of the board or adjacent to any space the forgotten tribe already controls. They may remove some or all tokens before they begin conquering, if they wish.

So that is it so far. What do you guys think. Too weak? They get a nice spread but there is a temptation to go into decline soon because they start pretty spread out to begin with. I could give them something like "-1 to conquer a mountain region" since forgotten tribes never start in the mountains.
 Topic: Possible bug in iPad version.
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Possible bug in iPad version. Sun, 22 August 2010 07:29
Today while playing a game against my son something very odd happened. I had the Hordes of Trolls. A Troll’s lair was placed on a piece of land and when I went into decline the second time, my Trolls and lairs disappeared except for one lair. It remained on the land and still counted as a token. No matter what we tried we couldn’t get rid of it. Even after my son conquered it, it remained.

We thought it was funny but we also wanted let you guys know.

By the way, I LOVE the add-ons. We have been enjoying them very much.

Best regards,

 Topic: Want to swap French expension for English expension ?
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October 2010
Want to swap French expension for English expension ? Thu, 07 October 2010 14:58

I brought the french expensions (Cursed/Maauudits and Grand Dames/Honneur aux dames) while i have an english version of the game Smallworld, so the tiles dont connect...

Does anyone would like to swap their english expensions for my french ones ?

Thanks a lot ! Rolling Eyes
 Topic: Tough Necromancer Power combos
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Tough Necromancer Power combos Mon, 22 November 2010 16:26
Dragon, Catapult, Heroic all let the Necromancer keep land and therefore generate ghosts without consequence. Once they get one ghost out on land without fear of attack, they can auto-generate at least one ghost per turn.

Are there any other tough powers to overcome?

(Also, I see Necromancer Island generating enough discussion topics that it should have its own sub-forum category on the Small World board. Is that possible?)
 Topic: New Small World Expansion..
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December 2010
New Small World Expansion.. Sun, 02 January 2011 23:15
Does anyone know if there will be created more expansionpacks for small world??

i hope there will..
 Topic: Small World Score Sheet
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January 2011
Small World Score Sheet Mon, 24 January 2011 06:40
Does anyone have a link to a score sheet for Small World? We use the coins and I know it is good to keep your earning private till the game ends, but it would be nice to keep a chart since we already have some family members messing up their bragging rights. *smirk* We could just write it on a blank piece of paper but if there is a neat score sheet to go in the box that would be nice Smile

Thanks in advance
 Topic: More on the catapult
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More on the catapult Mon, 24 January 2011 13:15
We had some problems with it and I am lucky enough to be in some contact with the designer,

here is his (and final ruling)


Philippe Keyaerts24 janvier 2011, 19:11
Re: Catapult
Moved once but may be used more than once.
It is the giant model which actually catapults *troops*. So it can be used to jump over an area. OK, it's silly Smile

 Topic: epic evils
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epic evils Mon, 11 April 2011 19:41
I would like to see an epic evils expansion. This expansion would just come with a few very powerful special combos that when they are selected that player has released an epic evil into the world.

So basically my idea is to make 3 or so very powerful special abilities that when someone selects that race and special power combo they have initiated the epic evil. What this means is that all other players can only conquer empty regions, regions occupied by the lost tribe or regions occupied by the epic evil. So when someone selects these evil powers it turns smallworld into a some what co-op game while the epic evil is on the board. Once the epic evil goes into decline the game reverts to normal play.

The epic evil powers would have to scale to the number of players. I was thinking that if a special power was epic evil the number of race tokens it would give you would be multiplied by the number of players excluding the person that picked the race and special power combo. So in a 3 player game if an epic evil special power gave you 4 race tokens it would really give you 8 or 12 in a 4 player game or 15 in a 5 player game.

Also to balance out the fact that the epic evil player would be getting lots of coins because he would have so many race tokens and a wicked special power I was thinking that when a player conquers a region occupied by the epic evil it is worth one additional coin. and also to balance out the epic evil I was thinking that when he is selected any in decline races you have on the board go away and when the epic evil goes into decline it leaves the board. The evil has been defeated so it doesn't get to stick around. And also you can't pick an epic evil combo in the last 2 turns of the game.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea or what you change about it to make it work better.
 Topic: New Race and New Ability
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New Race and New Ability Tue, 17 May 2011 20:48
New Ability: Lucky

Provides 5 tokens. Every time you roll a die, it turns out to be a 3. Every time someone rolls a die and decides to attack you, the roll is considered a blank. Makes Pygmies very happy and Berserks really annoyed.

New Race: Ghosts

(use the Ghost tokens, when Necromancer is not in the game)

Provides 5 tokens. Each time you lose an area that has more than 1 Ghost token it in, you are able to immediately place the Ghost tokens from your hand into the board, not having to wait until the end of the attackers' turn.
 Topic: Small World Underground shows up in our web store
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Small World Underground shows up in our web store Tue, 31 May 2011 14:27
Depending on where you live, you can either order or preorder Small World Underground... Dig your way to our US webstore (preorder) or to our European one (available).

To celebrate, we also uploaded the rules on the game's website and some avatars for you to choose from:

http://www.daysofwonder.com/images/avatars/su-avatar-30.jpg http://www.daysofwonder.com/images/avatars/su-avatar-28.jpg

You can see them all via your account page...


[Updated on: Tue, 31 May 2011 14:31]

 Topic: Small World for 4-10 Players
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Small World for 4-10 Players Fri, 08 July 2011 16:18
While I am sure a few people might have thought about this, and maybe even tried it, last night at our local game store we opted for "crazy" and came up with the following variant of the game.

Items needed:
1 copy of Small World
1 copy of Small World Underground
3-9 people who are crazy enough to try this

Setup the maps based on the number of players. Follow all the normal setup for Lost Tribes and Monsters.

In our first game we had 7 players so we went for the 4-player Small World map and the 3-player Underground map.

The next two games had 10 players, so we went with the 5-player map for both.

Take the races and powers from both games, shuffle together, and deal out 5 as normal.

Game Play:
Play the game as normal. In the event of questions, follow the Small World Underground rules, especially the Compatibility section on page 10.

The big change:
All of the "Cavern" regions on the Small World map are considered adjacent to ANY board edge region on the Underground map, and vice versa.

A few "House Rules"
The "Flying" power is restricted to the map that you are currently on. (You cannot fly from the Small World map to the Underground map.)
"Kraken" can conquer the water regions on the main map, as if they had the "Seafaring" power.

Game Length:
In the event that the maps have a different number of Turns, use the one that will make for a longer game.

Try it - there is some crazy fun involved.
 Topic: Small World Tournaments
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Small World Tournaments Tue, 11 October 2011 03:23
Any chance we can get an official tourny going for Small World hosted by Days Of Wonder? Similar to the Ticket To Ride tournies?
 Topic: Thieving Question
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Thieving Question Mon, 13 February 2012 18:01
(This is a Tunnels question I guess)

Can you thieve from a player whose only "neighboring" region is a surface lake (not the river) occupied by seafaring? On the face of it, it seems like you clearly can, but a reasonable argument was made that since the thieving race can't even enter the lake he shouldn't be able to steal from it. On the other hand, the text of Thieving says "neighboring" not "adjacent", which could be taken as a signifying the ability to enter the region in question is not required Smile. And even more persnickity observations and arguments could be made about wording and significances (and have, oh have they Cool. (For instance are two regions adjacent via a tunnel also neighboring, etc.). Anyone know?
 Topic: Small World featured as first boardgame on series premiere of TableTop - Google TV's Geek & Sund
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  Small World featured as first boardgame on series premiere of TableTop - Google TV's Geek & Sund Mon, 02 April 2012 20:50

First episode, starring Wil Wheaton as host, debuts today!

TableTop is a brand spanking new show that launched today on Google TV's Geek & Sundry channel and it's all about boardgames and being oh so nerdy. Naturally, they chose to feature Small World for their inaugural show. So, set phasers to geek.

Actor, writer, and self-professed tabletop gaming lover Wil Wheaton hosts this lively show where "Celebrity Poker" meets "Dinner for Five" with tabletop board games! Filled with witty banter and cheeky camaraderie, this series brings together notable geek celebrities from film, TV, and YouTube to showcase the best in tabletop gaming. A new game is featured every episode and our favorite geek stars play and get played.

The show airs on Geek & Sundry and on YouTube. Watch the first episode here:

 Topic: Flames in multiboard games
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Flames in multiboard games Wed, 11 April 2012 21:05
Just played a game usig the tunnels rules to connect small world to the underworld, where commando flames (ouch) begin in the underworld but if they go through a tunnel does this mean that the connection is broken or are they deemed to be connected?

We played connected which made them pretty powerful
 Topic: Quarreling Spiderines, Flocking Spiderines, and The Great Brass Pipe
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Quarreling Spiderines, Flocking Spiderines, and The Great Brass Pipe Wed, 11 April 2012 23:48
In the first game of Smallworld Underground my group played, Quarreling Spiderines floated to the top of the Race Menu and I eagerly snatched it up because it seemed to be an incredibly powerful combination.

As I had originally interpreted from the Spiderines and Quarreling descriptions, Spiderines may treat all regions adjacent to chasms as neighbors for conquest purposes, whereas Quarreling only cared if the regions were physically separated from each other, regardless of how they're treated during the conquering phase.

At least that's how we interpreted it until Flocking showed up... and then we got really confused. The rulebook specifically states that Spiderines next to chasms are still considered 'penned-in' as one big region so they would get the Flocking bonus.

We had to do a lot of mental math at that point and I had to watch many, many victory coins be sent back to the bin. We guessed that if they DO get the Flocking bonus (since it was officially in the rulebook), then they can't ALSO get the Quarreling bonus.

Ok fine.

But then I found the Official FAQ here and... well... the part about the Great Brass Pipe seems to throw this all for a seriously conflicting loop!

As stated in the FAQ:
Great Brass Pipe
Q. A Quarreling race conquers the Brass Pipe and using the Brass Pipe expands to 3 new separate regions in different locations, which are all of the same territory type as that under the Brass Pipe. Does the race get the Quarreling bonus +4?
A. Yes.

What the what? So Spiderines treat locales adjacent to chasms as one big region (and as per the rulebook get a Flocking bonus)... yet officially in the FAQ the Brass Pipe has a race treat the regions as seperate chunks (and receive a Quarreling bonus)? Since the Brass Pipe essentially bestows upon any race the same power that Spiderines naturally have (although limited to a specific terrain type rather than 'next to chasm') how can these two be treated differently in terms of Quarreling vs Flocking?

So, I guess what I'd appreciate is if the good folks at DoW could lay it out for us plain and simple:

1. How do you score Quarreling Spiderines which have used chasms to conquer regions all over the map?

2. How do you score Flocking Spiderines which have used chasms to conquer regions all over the map?

3. How do you score Quarreling Race XYZ which has used the Great Brass Pipe to conquer regions all over the map?

4. How do you score Flocking Race XYZ which has used the Great Brass Pipe to conquer regions all over the map?

Thanks guys Smile We SERIOUSLY love these games and would appreciate the clarification!
(Also... can't wait for Smallworld Realms Very Happy)
 Topic: Small World Realms - To score more, keep digging!
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Small World Realms - To score more, keep digging! Thu, 03 May 2012 17:14
With the release of Small World Realms becoming imminent, it is time for us to dig into one of the most complex scenarios of this pack - A Dig Too Far. Here to shed some light on this new Underground Realm is Philippe Keyaerts, the designer of Small World.


Days of Wonder: Anything special about this scenario?
Philippe Keyaerts: This scenario is my wink to Tolkien fans worldwide. In some regions of this Realm, a few rich veins (of gold, not mithr*l) run deep underground. These veins are unfortunately protected by powerful monsters, the biggest of which will also hold and defend some Relics. At game start, these monsters don't seem too threatening. But keep digging, and you will see their power rise. And once awaken and bullied, the big ones won't just be happy sitting alone protecting their precious relic - they will attack!

DoW: So shouldn't the prudent (wise?) player stop digging?
P.K.: Yes, but each Region can harbor up to 10 Victory points. There are clearly some risks worth digging for, but you'd better be prepared for a fight, not just carrying your pick and shovel around. The thing is that until you start digging that vein, no one quite knows for sure what treasure it will harbor, nor what Monsters will protect it... be careful with that Pick!

DoW: So what advice would you shovel onto the adventurers crazy enough to dig deeper?
P.K.: Monsters have no memory - once awakened, they attack anything within reach. So if you want to have fun at your fellow adventurers expense, you can dig a hole, pick up a relic, and run faster and farther than your hapless friends. But I, for one, won't be shouldering any responsibility for the mayhem that will ensue...

DoW: Philippe, thank you for this foretaste of the scenarios that make up Realms.

The Small World Realms expansion is expected to be available in better game stores throughout Europe in June and in North America in early July. Retail price will be $35/¤33.
 Topic: Small World realms - The rules are available for download
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Small World realms - The rules are available for download Wed, 20 June 2012 18:09
To help you wait for the arrival of the upcoming expansion of Small World, we just uploaded the rules on Small World Realms web page.

So? Are you still here? What are you waiting for?
 Topic: smallworld online through vassal
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  smallworld online through vassal Thu, 26 July 2012 22:15
I created a Google group for setting up play-by-email and live Small World games.

I find it hard to get an online game going lately unless I ask someone personally.

So here it is

https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!forum /smallworld-on-vassal
 Topic: Kobolds + Vampire or in-decline Reborn Race
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Kobolds + Vampire or in-decline Reborn Race Thu, 06 September 2012 04:25
So I've found a few threads on BGG about this, but none here, and nothing that seemed to give a definitive answer. My question is: How do the Kobolds work with powers that specifically put one unit in a region? (Vampire and Reborn)

I assume Vampire Kobolds work one of the following ways, but I'm not sure which:
1. You can't use Vampire if you're Kobolds
2. You first do the normal Vampire rules, getting a new Kobold from the tray or your hand to replace the active enemy unit. But then you must also add a second unit from your hand to occupy the region. You can't use the Vampire ability if you don't have enough units in your hand to do this.
3. You do normal Vampire rules, but because Kobolds can never be alone, the territory is immediately abandoned and the new unit goes back into your hand.

I initially thought 2, but now I'm thinking 1 is correct because the SWU FAQ lists "Vampire Kobolds" as a contradictory combination. Option 3 seems crazy to me but it seemed to be what someone was suggesting in a post on BGG so I thought I'd mention it.

Similarly, I assume active Kobolds with an in-decline Reborn race work one of these ways:
1. You can't use Reborn to place new Kobold units
2. You reborn one unit as normal, but then must place a second Kobold unit from your hand to occupy the region and cannot reborn if you don't have enough units to do so.
3. You reborn one unit and it immediately bounces into your hand.

Again I was leaning towards 2 but now I'm thinking maybe 1 is correct.

If anyone knows what the official ruling is I would appreciate it. Alternatively if any of you have played with these variations, which seemed the least unbalanced or made the most sense to you?
 Topic: Small World Video!
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  Small World Video! Sat, 27 October 2012 10:11
This is a video me and my friend put together of a Small World game. We're pretty new to video-making, so don't be too harsh (although criticism is welcomed)!

 Topic: Where's your Smallworld FanPage
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Where's your Smallworld FanPage Fri, 02 November 2012 11:47
you can make your Fanpage here which unfortunately is only available in this Memoir'44 Design. Nevertheless I though, why don't make one with Smallworld content. I was searching for existing ones, but didn't find any? If you have a Smallworld Fanpage here, could you please write me a message or link it? I want to favourite those pages to generate a list of Smallworld Fanpages.

Thank you
 Topic: SHake things up with Race & Special Powers.
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SHake things up with Race & Special Powers. Mon, 07 January 2013 01:50
Get a paper bag & put ALL races & special power in it. Shake it & continue 1ith the 1st person choosing one of each, moving,ending with the collection of coins. Then player 2 proceeds.

Something else friends & I do is we get 7-10 seconds to LOOk in the bag, in somewhat of a draft way; picking 3-5 racial & special powers.

A third way to play is completely blind/draft pick. Pass the bag around the players & pick 3-5 races & special powers. Keep them hidden from opponents & put combos down when it's your turn. Very Happy

[Updated on: Mon, 07 January 2013 01:52]

 Topic: More areas of use for the Victory Coins. (Interactions between players)
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More areas of use for the Victory Coins. (Interactions between players) Sun, 03 February 2013 21:25
During our last gaming session we discussed finding more areas of use for the Victory Coins - opening up another dimension in the game.

With the Tales and Legends and with a few of the Special Powers that comes with expansions they open up a bit more considering Victory Coin interactions between players.

Much alike the mercenary that is able to buy "extra tokens", though the they go in the money stash, my idea was based on beeing able to "buy the region".

To make it more realistic and involve some RPG to the rule it would simulate you paying you opponents troops to withdraw. Thus this would not kill them(or should it kill one as usual?), giving all tokens back to the player beeing attacked. Then the amount of victory coins you spend would then go to the player which troops you paid to leave.
- You must attack with at least one token, and you pay for those you lack.

I figure that an increasing pricing per unit would be suitable, though I'm not sure what pricing would be fitting?
Example 1: 1st: 2 VC, 2nd: 5 VC, 3rd: 10 VC. (Paying for all 3: 17 VC)
Example 2: 1st: 5 VC, 2nd: 10 VC, 3rd: 15 VC. (Paying for all 3: 30 VC)
Example 3: 1st: 1 VC, 2nd: 2 VC, 3rd: 3 VC. (Paying for all 3: 6 VC)
Example 4: 1 VC per token missing.

I figure a too high pricing would prevent people from using it, but a too low pricing wouldn't be balanced either. [ Edit]Giving it a second thought - One of your opponents Racial tokens probobly should go to the stash as usual to make the payment more desirable. [/Edit]

Opinions, and perhaps other ideas for interaction between players?

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