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onyx puffin LOL
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FUSION CUP tiebreaker comments Mon, 20 January 2014 15:35
I am getting ready to post the full set of rules for FUSION Cup, and plan to do so by the end of Friday, January 24. At this time, All rules will remain the same as 2013. The one potential exception is the rule on the tiebreaker during a knock-out round clash. So I am creating this thread as the final note for opinions and suggestion on that one issue.

Current rule is: (called option A)
In case of a tie, First tiebreaker is clashes won, then matches won, then points won, then TAG result, then AAT result, then US/EU result, then USA result.

Two other suggestions have been given:

Option B

Line ups are sent in by Captains with each match listed in ranking of importance. Then Match results are assigned as Win = 1, Tie = .5, Loss = 0. Then we obtain a score using the formula,
The result of ranked match 1 is multiplied by 4
The result of ranked match 2 is multiplies by 3
The result of ranked match 3 is multiplies by 2
The result of ranked match 4 is multiplies by 1

The team with the highest sum wins.

Option C
For a tie in the KO round, winner will be decided by captains submitting 1 player (or team if tag) who can be free to play a match before the last day of the KO round (or on the last day if possible). Captains of the two tied teams can discuss which game of the 4 types will be used, with the deciding match being a 1 TAG game or best of 3 games tiebreaker for the other 3 types. By mutual agreement of the two captains, we will use the game of their choice. If they cannot agree, then the US board will be used.

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