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? - multiple mosaics Thu, 08 February 2007 22:42
In a play last night, a player wanted to purchase 2 mosaics. I know per a post from Eric that the player may place them in either order.

IF the placement of the second mosaic in the stack is made first, but then the other mosaic purchased (the top one from the stack in this case) what happens?

I know the rules state on p. 9 in the Building a Sanctuary topic that "Each time one (or more) Mosaic piece(s) are built, you must verify whether the next Mosaic piece now on top of the pile in the Quarry can still be built in the spaces now left in the Palace's Garden."

What is unclear is when 2 are bought at the same time, will the second one that is paid for but unable to be placed be discarded out of the game and the player takes the next one on the pile? Or is there a different resolution?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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