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Captain Kremmen

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August 2007
Alternative Goblins Mon, 27 August 2007 17:51
Hi guys,

This is just a bit of idle speculation, as it's a bank holiday here and i was bored. I don't intend to use the following "house rule" just interested in others opinions.

Basically if I was doing the goblins i think i would have suggested the following.

Hobgoblins are blue not red.
All other goblin infantry are green.

BUT allow all goblin infantry to move an additional hex if they fight (like warband)

This means the green lights could move 2 hexes normally but move 3 if they charged into combat. This could make them quite useful. With only 2 dice not exactly lethal, but flexible.

Under the official rules, blue and red goblin infantry are pretty good, but green troops foot and mounted are a bit naff.

All comments above apply to the standard rules, I get the impression this has been officially dealt with by the expansions that add drummers etc which seem to beef up the goblins. Just a shame that makes them more like Dwarves, i would prefer each race had different characteristics, I like the Goblins not being bold, and being frightened, kind of funny, would just be nice if the Greenies were a little quicker.

What do you guys use the light green chameleon goblin cavalry in the basic battlelore set for? I have painted mine up really nice and want to use them, but they do not seem much use.

Cpt K

  Alternative Goblins  Captain KremmenMon, 27 August 2007 17:51
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